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Week 10
~ Taking it so Slow

Wow, this week just seemed to drag on forever. I've been extremly tired this week and feeling quite "down" . . . not sure if it's because of the scare last week or simply a hormone thing . . . likely a combination of both, sigh! It seems that there is just so much to do right now and I don't have the energy to do any of it. We're trying to get our livestock ready for winter. Our dairy cow is due to calve in January so we need to build her a cozy stall to try to provide some warmth for a newborn calf and our goats don't fair the Canadian winters very well and need extra care during these hard months. It's mindboggling how quickly the winter arrived this year! I can't help but envy our Canadian black bears. In preparation for winter they eat everything in sight, the fatter the better; then they breed and find a cozy place to sleep their pregnancy away just to wake up to the beauty and warmth of the spring with an adorable cub or two at their side. Seems to me that's an ideal way to deal with pregnancy, LOL!!

This week is my oldest son's birthday; he's turning 21 !! Now, that makes me feel SOOOOOOOOOO old! I often think back at his birth, how worry free my pregnancy was and how simple my life was so far back. Don't get me wrong; I wouldn't change a thing and love every aspect of our growing family but it sure amazes me to think of how time/life offers so many experiences that teach you so many things and with that knowledge comes the burden of worry.

As far as my pregnancy, being stuck on week 10 for two weeks really seems to slow things down but at least now we can move on. I'm still feeling ever so hungry and have been putting on more weight than I'm comfortable with. I realize I still haven't reached my ideal body mass but somehow I feel so awkwardly large; very strange to me. I suppose putting on 15 lbs in less then two months is quite a change to get used to.

I've been worrying a lot about the baby this week as well. With Ava everything was progressing very normally as well, in fact at her 12 week ultrasound she was measuring large and very active . .. now, I seem to be waiting for a repeat in events and I really wish I could shake the feeling. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy as it could and likely is my last but the fear is overwhelming. I'm being told by my doctors that once I can start feeling the baby move (I never did with Ava) it will help soothe my nerves; let's hope they're right. I also have a doppler that I had bought but never got to use while I was pregnant with Ava. I don't want to try it until I'm at least 12-13 weeks since I know the heartbeat can be hard to detect before then and all I need is another reason to panic. I'm thinking I'll give it a try right after my next ultrasound in three weeks.

Other than that, not much to report. I had my blood work done last Monday and haven't heard anything back so I assuming my hormone levels were where they should be. I did buy my infant car seat this week even though I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything until the very end this time. It's a car seat that I really liked but carried a hefty price tag but during our weekly Toys R Us visit my husband happened to notice that they were blowing out their 2011 floor models and it was reduced from $269 to only $100 . . . I just couldn't pass it up!

Well, that's it for this week, here's hoping for another uneventful upcoming week! Take care!

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