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Week 8
~ The Bump

8 weeksWell, I'm now two days away from nine weeks and I must say time sure seems to be crawling by ever so slowly! As far as symptoms go I can't complain, other than continuous hunger and fatigue I feel great (kinda scary great). I have been pregnant nine times before this and I just can't get over how hungry I am for this one all the time!! I can't go more then two hours without eating during the day or I'm feeling light headed and nauseous and when I wake up to use the washroom at night I have to grab a quick snack, usually a yogurt or a piece of fruit just to get myself back to sleep. I've already gained 12 pounds and am REALLY starting to show and have had to move up a size in my jeans even with my belly protruding over my waist! I'm assuming it's simply my body's way of trying to correct some of the damage I did with my drastic/quick weight loss and preparing itself for the job of carrying a baby to term. I've been getting a lot of cravings, mostly for dairy which is strange since I hadn't had so much as a glass of milk since last February . . . Rolo ice cream cones are becoming an obsession I have to fight with daily, LOL! I try to watch what I eat and have been keeping mostly to whole grains and my high protein veggie "meatless" meats. Also, I don't fight my dairy cravings but do keep it to skim milk products and never skip my vitamins. Everyone is joking about the possibility of twins, personally I just think my muscle tone is a thing of the past, LOL!

My energy levels aren't improving any, house cleaning and dealing with a house full of people and their laundry sure seems more daunting than usual. I have managed to put away all the light clothing and drag out the winter wear and accessories not to mention extra bedding . . . brrrr! I survived Halloween, the kids had a great time, and it sure helped a lot that my 20 year old son decided to take out his 15 year old and 11 year old brothers for us. Teyanna (13 years) wanted to come with us as she loves being with her little siblings; she'll make a wonderful mom one day. Being in the country means the houses are very spaced out so I chauffeured while my husband jumped in and out of the van with the kids all night so it wasn't so bad I guess . . . next stop; Christmas!

My first pre-natal exam is coming up on Thursday the 10th and I just found out that all my kids have no school that day, GROAN!! Apparently it's parent teacher interview day and I just found out about it this week! The kids are all doing very well in school so I'm not so concerned about not making the meetings but having seven of my eight kids in tow during this important first appointment is something I'm truly dreading. I have visions of having my cervical exam while listening to kids arguing and running wild in the waiting room, should prove to be a stress free time . . . NOT!! To make matters worse, Breya will be going for her 5 year booster vaccine the same day. I was supposed to have it done last winter but completely forgot about it with everything else that was going on. Turns out, days after making the appointment she woke up with a mild case of chicken pox! Luckily it didn't spread; my three oldest children already had it, my three middle children are fully vaccinated and so far Bryson hasn't shown any symptoms so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Speaking of stress, I had the vet in to have one of my old goats euthanized on Monday. My husband took the day off of work to deal with it as I just don't have the heart to do it anymore. She was an older girl and her arthritis was making it difficult for her to walk so I couldn't bear to see her suffer through the cold of the winter in that condition. It sure has been an emotionally draining year. Thinking back, the year seems to be such a blur. It breaks my heart to think that I really did miss out on enjoying the year with my children. Here's hoping 2012 brings many happy memories we'll all be able to cherish together as a family!

I've included a picture of my ever growing belly from this morning; it's difficult to imagine but without a sweater on my ribs are still protruding above this growing bump!


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