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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

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StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Noelle's twin pregnancy journal.

Noelle and Shawn Armaly live in Northern Ontario Canada with their five children ~ Nathan, Jesse, Samuel and their twin daughters, Elizabeth and Anna, who were born February 11, 2000 at full term.

Join the Armaly family as they take us through the pregnancy of their fourth AND fifth babies ~ our millenium twins!

Noelle's Journal Entries

Meet Noelle!

Week 4
A Really Strange "Cold"

Week 5
Finding Out

Week 6
Tracking the Weight

Week 7
This Changes Everything

Week 8
The Excitement Never Stops

Week 9
Celebrating Six Years

Week 10
A Busy Week

Week 11
Excitement and Fatigue

Week 12
The Calm After the Storm

Week 13
Guess I Should Call the Doctor, Huh?

Week 14
What Next?!

Week 15
Ready, Set, Go!

Week 16
Don't Blink or You'll Miss It!!

Week 17
There's No Place Like Home

Week 18
3+1=5 . . . It All Adds Up

Week 19
Back to Everyday Life

Week 20
Half Way There

Week 21
Lots to Think About

Week 22
Sometimes the Road Is Bumpy

Week 23
Staying Put

Week 24
Are We There Yet?

Week 25
Which Way Is Up?

Week 26
Finding a Balance

Week 27
Keeping One Eye on the Goal

Week 28
There was a woman who lived in a shoe . . .

Week 29
Shades of Blue

Week 30
One day at a time

Week 31
Riding It Out

Week 32
Where Are the Breaks?

Week 33
Christmas On The Couch

Week 34
There's No Stopping Me Now

Week 35
The Countdown

Week 36
Minute By Minute

Week 37
Up, Down, Up, Down . . .

Week 38
Is the Timer Broken?

Week 39
The Long Haul

Week 40
Birth Story
Miracles Still Happen

Seven Month Update
September 30, 2000

Samuel's birth story

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