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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Update: September 30, 2000
~ 7 1/2 months

Noelle and familyIt's fall here in Northern Ontario. The leaves are rehearsing for their annual show of colour and the weather is comfortably crisp. We have been using the wood stoves a bit to keep cozy.

I now have two boys in school. Nathan is now in grade 1, and Jesse just started JK so in the mornings all I have at home are Sam and the girls. I'd like to say that I get a lot more done with the older boys away but I don't. I find it hard to keep up because Shawn works a lot. Summer is always busy for him. I think maybe it's a good opportunity for me to learn some self-discipline. It's so easy for me to just spend the day doing the bear minimum or getting hung up on building my web pages. Sometimes I just want to do something different. I'd really like to start decorating this house but I guess it'll come.

New HouseThe girls, and the rest of us, are doing well. At their 6 month appointment they weighed 14 lbs 13 oz ('Lizbeth) and 14 lbs 2 oz (Anna). I thought having twins would be a lot of hard work . . . it is. But it's not as tough as I had worried it might be. They are now 7 1/2 months old and full of smiles and giggles. They are curious about everything, and I'm having to get things "baby-proofed" again. They like to spend time on the floor just wiggling around. Elizabeth gets up on her knees and rocks while Anna is content to stay on her belly and chew whatever my be within reach (though she can "scoot" backwards if she wants). They both have their two bottom teeth and say "dada". I had to take Elizabeth to the hospital for a dislocated elbow last weekend. I'm still not quite sure how she did it. While (Shawn was away at the Fire College burning stuff, I dropped all the kids off (we have great friends!) and took Elizabeth by herself. By the way, I got my drivers license in July. The girls really noticed that they weren't together. Elizabeth looked around and seemed unsettled and I heard that Anna cried a bit. They'd never been apart before. The elbow is fine now. I found it really hard not to speed to the hospital :-). About 2 months ago Samuel broke his collar bone (his brother flung the door open and it hit him). That's all healed up too. As you can probably figure out, life is anything but dull around here.New house back

As I mentioned, I'm really into the web page building thing. I look at it as a creative outlet. I'm looking for a piano but this will have to do for now. I'm putting together another, environment-related, site which I hope will take on a life of its own some day.

Well, I guess my time is up. I'm being "summoned". What has two heads, sounds like a fire engine siren, is slippery and leaves a trail of little slimy socks in its wake? Two hungry baby girls with runny noses. Gotta go!


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