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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Ten
~ A Busy Week

This week has been crazy. Our church is preparing to host a free children's event called Kids "R" Us during Voyageur Days, our town's yearly festival. This will be the third year we host this event and the planning and details take a long time. There were lots of meetings this week too.

We escaped for an evening to North Bay for dinner mid-week. We got the tires first, then went to buy stickers for Kids "R" Us and ended up buying a colour HP Deskjet (printer). I really felt I needed it to stay competitive in our business. (After all, most of the flyers, etc. that I've seen lately are done in colour. The same week I got a job retouching and enlarging a photo. I actually took the man out of his kitchen and put him in a garden. And Kim had me do a cover page for her.) By the time the shopping was done, I was really hungry, and we finally went to dinner. We had a good supper out on the patio at a nice restaurant. Other than being interrupted by pages from our babysitter three times we enjoyed ourselves.

Jesse, now 3 1/2, was finally day-trained this week. He still wears pull-ups at night but I'm thrilled with his progress.

Shawn, Frank, Nathan and Frank's boys went on an overnight canoe trip this week. I got to see how it would be just to have Jesse and Sam at home with me. I actually enjoyed it and I started to feel like the school thing wouldn't be so bad. While the "men" were gone, Kim took me to North Bay (with four kids remaining between the two of us) where we stopped by some second hand stores, and I picked up some maternity clothes. I had lent some winter maternity clothes after I had Jesse and never gotten them back so I needed some things. I was really pleased with what I was able to find. The explorers returned tired but happy, and the boys related their adventures. I was glad they had fun.

My weight slipped to 139 lbs. this week. I don't understand it but I don't mind either :-).

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