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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Twelve
~ The Calm After the Storm

Kids "R" Us went very well. The theme this year was Boats, A Wonder Voyage. The children got "passports" which contained free things they could get ~ lemonade, fresh fruit, build a walnut boat, etc. That morning, just as we arrived at 8:30 a.m., Shawn got a call to do fire suppression at a bad car accident. He and Tim (another friend and fireman) were also gone with him. As they sped off with their green light flashing, we realized that they were supposed to assemble the sails I had sewn and hoist them. Our event didn't start till 1:00 p.m. so we figured they'd be back in time. They ended up directing traffic all day (as we heard over our scanner which I returned home to get). Aleda (Tim's wife) and I tied the sails to the frame and had another friend help us get it up the telephone pole. It caught the wind and looked great! Tim and Shawn missed the whole event. We had a kids' band who had some pretty good music including Amazing Grace sung to the tune of the theme for Gilligan's Island. I helped the kids make walnut shell boats. I nearly passed out because I hadn't eaten since breakfast, and it was a really hot day besides. We all looked great in our matching t-shirts though the kids (over 300) and their parents enjoyed all the activities. Mission accomplished.

Shawn got a second call to an accident this week. It was near the other accident. He says he sees enough gore and blood that he need not watch movies. I agree.

My weight for this week is down to 138 lbs. which doesn't surprise me after being sick. This may gross you out but I was making popcorn for the boys on one occasion and became sick to my stomach after a bout of coughing. I enlisted the help of the kitchen garbage and finished making the popcorn between heaves. At least you couldn't hear me for all the noise the popcorn machine was making.

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