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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Fifteen
~ Ready, Set, Go!

Last Saturday we got word, by e-mail, that friends of ours (who live on Baffin Island and are due for their first baby August 30) were going to have to have a c-section done because their baby was in a transverse position. The operation was scheduled for Monday. I was sad but decided (along with many other friends and family) that God could still turn the baby around. I did the only thing I felt I could do and just prayed. That Thursday I got a message saying that the baby had turned! Even though she was "on the table" when this fact was discovered the operation was not performed. Both of them are ecstatic! I'm so happy for them.

This week we've been busy getting ready to go on vacation. We will be visiting all the grandparents and then going camping for a week. We'll be gone almost two weeks altogether. It's difficult to pack everything in advance since most things are used daily. There's always a lot of last minute stuff to be done besides having the daily "routine" and tons of business work to do.

I made a really hard decision (for me) this week. I decided just to keep records of our business finances and not our personal spending. This is difficult because I've kept track of (or tried to) where our money comes from and goes since we've been married. I'm just finding it too time consuming and it doesn't seem to be of use. I never make a spending report or anything. I just need to know how much is in our accounts, and I can refer to our bank books for that. Besides, separating grocery bills into categories (yes, I tend to overcomplicate things) like diapers, formula, magazines, etc. is interfering with my tracking of our business finances and I can't afford to get behind on those. The problem has been that (though I haven't dared to look) I can picture our personal file getting further and further behind. I hope the feeling goes away soon. I'm trying to simplify my life. You know sometimes in the rush and bustle of everyday life I still forget that I'm pregnant? Scary :-).

We leave on Saturday morning. I'll relate the highlights as best I can when I get back.

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