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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Seventeen
~ There's No Place Like Home

Sunday 29 - We packed up and left for our third and final destination . . . Penatanguishine (about 3 hours away). We were to meet my brother Clyde and his girlfriend Sirena there. They arrived about two minutes after we did. We prayed that we could get just one campsite. We were over the limit by one person but we still wanted to be together. We were blessed by being not only able to stay together but we also were able to change our site to a better one. Shawn, Clyde and Nathan stayed in a tent while the rest of us bunked out in the camper.

Monday 30 - We got groceries and bought shoes for the boys and a purse for me (it's like a nylon brief case kind of). We went to the beach in the afternoon, collected rocks, played in the sand.

Tuesday 31 - We went to another beach in the morning. This one had little streams flowing down to the water through it. The boys, including Shawn had great fun diverting the water. Shawn went snorkeling. We found out that my brother had proposed to his girlfriend, and we now had fiancées in our company. We came back to the site for lunch and I went on a scrapbook tour of Sirena's missions trip to Ethiopia. The others all went back to the beach later to watch the sunset and gather stones for an African game. I stayed behind and went to have a shower. I remembered the importance of bringing a towel just as I went to step in, threw on my shirt and track pants and ran back to the site barefoot for it.

Wednesday September 1 - We packed up and left for home, parting company with my brother and his fiancée. We stopped at Santa's Village (a theme park for kids) on our way home and got a discounted rate because Rudolph's Roller coaster wasn't working that afternoon (they fixed it and Nate and dad went on later anyway). It was a lot of fun and we decided we'd like to come back when we had more time. Sam got so upset about 30 minutes from home that he threw up all over himself in his car seat.

Overall the kids really travelled well. We played a lot of music for Sam in the truck to keep him happy (he seems to really like ABBA). We didn't get too lost on the roads and I came back really appreciating all my household amenities.

It was nice to feel the baby moving this morning. I don't remember feeling much all week while we were out and about.

I'm looking forward to having an ultrasound in two weeks. I'm hoping to be able to find out the sex of the baby. I find it helpful to know.

I just wanted to say THANKS to all who have written to me. It's very uplifting and much appreciated :-).

Now my thoughts are turning towards Nathan's school interview next week and his birthday. Sam has not wanted to let me out of his sight lately but his night time habits are improving.

My scale says 145 lbs.

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