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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Eighteen
~ 3+1=5 . . . It All Adds Up

Noelle's twinsThis week I've been really tired as usual and I seem to have continued eating like a cow, always munching. I thought this should have calmed down by now. Things usually even out a bit during the second trimester but they don't seem to be this time. I had my regular doctor's appointment this past Tuesday. My blood work came back fine. Just as Dr. R was closing my file and going to leave the room, I asked him if he was going to take a measurement this time (he didn't last time I went. He explained later that he keeps forgetting how far along I am because this is only my second visit). The top of the fundus measured 21 cm or 21 weeks. He was surprised and checked my dates. He decided to have a listen for the baby's heartbeat and it was strong and regular at 145. Dr. R. advised me to have the date for my ultrasound moved closer since he likes to have it done between 18 and 20 weeks and figured I might be further along than we thought. I called that afternoon to change my appointment. I ended up getting an appointment for the next day at 11:00 a.m.

I walked to the hospital for my appointment having gotten a babysitter and telling Shawn not to come until 11:30 from work, since I knew he wouldn't be allowed in until all the diagnostic work was done. Everything was set up and Dan began by checking out my bladder (Dan is the ultrasound tech; it's a small town and everyone knows everyone). He was quiet for a minute and then, as he moved the probe slowly back and forth on my belly, he said "well, I know why you're measuring big . . . there's two of them in there." I just kind of said "isn't that cool" or something to that effect. I had suspected something all along. I'd been having dreams about carrying four girls since I found out we were expecting. The eating, the fatigue and widespread simultaneous movement had been hinting twins so I wasn't shocked. I asked Dan to tell Shawn so I wouldn't cry. When he was allowed in, Dan showed him "a head and body" and then another head. All Shawn said was "don't tell me that, twins?" He had a strange smirk on his face. He said he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

To make a long story short we're having twins! They are in separate sacs and both look like girls. They're both very healthy and almost the same size.

I've been finding out a lot about twin births that I really don't like. I can't have them in Mattawa or have a midwife. Kim said she had to have a pitocin drip the whole time she was in labour and for the night after the babies were born. She said it was to keep the uterus contracting well between babies. I think the doctors do it so they can go home earlier. Good grief! I know I'm going to have some serious questions and discussion with my obstetrician, whom I now have to see all the time. I feel like all the choices I had concerning my birth have been taken away. It's really frustrating. I'm not sick, I'm just having twins.

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