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Week Nineteen
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This week started off with Nathan's school interview. He's attending Senior Kindergarten this year. He followed instructions well at his interview. I had to laugh. The teacher had him stand up to perform a task and then moved on to another activity with Nathan. He began to lean on the table a bit and his teacher said, "Oops, it looks like you're loosing your chair." He wasn't on his chair at all because she hadn't told him he could sit down yet. Other than that, he said, "I don't know" a lot and there were a lot of letter "p's" in the alphabet that day.

My sister left for battle school in New Brunswick this week. She's in the Royal Canadian Military College. She's quite the sight to see in her dress uniform but she's still the little sister I remember. I miss her and at the same time I'm glad she's doing what she wanted to do. I can't believe she'll be 20 soon.

I called Doctor R. as instructed by my radiologist and I have an appointment next week to go over things and find out what we need to do next. It's been just over a week since we found out about the babies, and I've gone through the emotional spectrum at least once. Panic, wonder, nervousness, insecurity and finally acceptance. I was getting tense about our living and vehicle situations but I've come to realize that living where we are, if that happens, will not make having the babies any less special. I'm comforted by the fact that God knows what we need and His timing is perfect. I'm looking forward to see what happens as much as you are. After all, miracles still happen :-).

Nathan went to school for the first time this Friday. Jesse gave me difficulties at home. I forgot that we'll all need to adjust to this. Nate said he had a good time and he's looking forward to riding the bus on Monday.

This week was topped off with a wedding. We went to see a friend of mine from highschool get married yesterday. I enjoyed the time away and dressing up although I loathed my shoes. Even though the heels were pretty low, it was a great relief to get them off when we got home.

This week I weigh 150 pounds. I look like I'm 6 1/2 or 7 months pregnant already and I'm carrying low, just like I always do.

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