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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Twenty
~ Half Way There

This week has not been without its ups and downs. I got a call from my GP's secretary. They're trying to have all my "stuff" ready to transfer my care to an OB/GYN in North Bay. Mrs. P. (the secretary) asked me if I was seeing Dr. W. in North Bay. My reply was, "No, I see Dr. A. (who has been my OB/GYN for the last six years). She informed me that Dr. A. had left North Bay, and I would have to choose between the three other doctors who were left. I needed time to think. This knocked me a bit off balance, again. Not only am I now having twins, feeling bad about not fulfilling my vow to homeschool Nathan, can't have the kind of delivery I wanted, in a two bedroom apartment and starting to feel like a third trimester blob, but I can't even have my own OB. I almost cried.

There is a counterbalance to this story though. I had been hearing about a minister's wife in North Bay who delivered babies. It was uncertain though if she had her own practice. My thought was, can a midwife deliver twins in a hospital setting? I got her number from our pastor's wife and called her. It turns out that she doesn't have her own practice but she did assist the midwife in the area and the obstetricians. She's also had twins and can be hired for labour support. Besides that, she sounds wonderful and highly recommended one of the OBs I have to choose from. I felt better after talking to her, chose Dr. W. to be my OB and am seriously considering having Mrs. S. attend our babies' birth (she charges up to $175.00 which covers a visit before the birth, unlimited phone time, attendance at the birth, nursing support after the birth and a follow up home visit). I thought she would be valuable to have there because I want to have as natural a birth as I can. It would be nice to have someone there who's been through it, is a nurse and can tell me when certain things are necessary--basically a qualified second opinion. My only concern (and Shawn's also) is what role Shawn will play at the delivery. We are both afraid he'll be left out. Lots to think about huh?

I've discovered lately that green garbage bags are quickly becoming my best friends. I put things in them, set them out at the curb or drop them at the ladies' centre and I never have to sort the stuff again :-).

I hauled out a bassinet that I made from an old crib and repainted it. I used a spare bumper pad set (the kind that's all sewn together instead of separate sections), dyed it light purple (it was pink), resized it and added some new ties in a rosebud print (shades of purple and green on white background) secured with ribbon roses and sewed a bottom to it so I wouldn't have any of the babies' bodies sticking out between the rails. I was happy with the design but it looks really purple :-). I started using up some of the material I had left over to make a small quilt to fit the bassinet to match the bumper pad. I'll have to let you know how it turns out. I should mention that I made this bassinet 35 x 20" so I think it'll be roomy enough for two for a little while anyway.

My regular appointment with my Dr. R. has been moved to next week. Time seems to be moving slowly by the day and quickly when I look back on the months that have passed.

Our scale says I weigh 151 pounds.

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