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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Twenty-One
~ Lots to Think About

I've felt lately like I've been repeating myself over and over to everyone when it comes to what's going on with us so please forgive me if I repeat stuff I've already written about. I've kind of resorted to telling people just to "read the journal!" smile

We celebrated Nathan's fifth birthday this week. I can't believe I actually have a 5-year-old. We took the boys to a place called the Air Zone where they have big inflatable toys to jump on, slide down and crawl through, etc. Then we took them to Wendy's for supper. It was a lot of fun.

I have this nagging concern lately that I will deliver quickly, just like I did with Sam. I know everything will be alright; I guess I'm just curious to see how things will turn out. I heard that I could be induced when they think my cervix is ripe so I wouldn't have to worry about getting to the hospital in time, but the more I think about it, the more I want to just see what happens.

We heard this week that a friend of Tim and Linda's (Shawn's brother and his wife) has told some friends at work a bit about us and apparently people have been bringing stuff in for us. I am so thankful for their thoughtfulness, and I haven't even seen what there is yet. It seems like just when I start to worry about something God reminds me somehow that He's still in control.

The house we are now living in has been put up for sale. Another bend in the road. Not so bad since we've already been considering another place. Shawn's family is coming up for Thanksgiving (in Canada - October 11) next weekend and we're going to look at the house (we've been interested in) together. I hope it goes well. It always gets pretty tense when money is involved. We looked into trying to get a loan and buy the house on our own but we don't have enough for a down payment and we need a co-signer because our business is too new. It should be interesting. It's funny, the place already seems like home and we don't even live there; that's got to tell you something.

Shawn and I had been talking about names for the babies. If they are both girls, their names will be Elizabeth Gabrielle and Alyssa Jael. My pick is the second one. If we have a girl and a boy (we know one is a girl for sure) I think the girl will still be Elizabeth Gabrielle (Shawn has his heart set on it) and we haven't been able to find a boy's name that seems to fit yet.

I've been thinking about postpartum depression a bit lately too. I'm trying to devise a scheme to minimize it. It seems to hit me harder every time. It usually starts about 24 hours after I have a baby when it finally hits me that I'm not pregnant anymore. I thought maybe I'd start a project that I can tinker with once the babies are here and making some appointments (like for a hair style or date with dad) so it won't seem so much like life, all the planning, expecting and waiting, doesn't just stop when I'm just a sleep deprived blob and not a glowing mom-to-be.

The scale announces that I'm 156 pounds. We're really starting to put on the beef now frown.

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