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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Twenty-Two
~ Sometimes the Road Is Bumpy

This week began with my regular doctor's appointment. Nathan had his appointment for his immunization at the same time. I had to bring the other boys too because Shawn was working. What a zoo! Dr. R. let the boys play with his measuring tapes and that kept them happy. Nathan did really well with his shots, which I was glad about. Dr. R. was a little concerned about some cramping I've been having. I didn't really think much of it until he asked if I'd been having any. He wants to know right away if they become more frequent for obvious reasons but the babies are fine. At 17, weeks my fundus was measuring 21 cm (or 21 weeks) which is why they thought we may be having twins in the first place. This week I am 21 weeks, and I'm measuring 29 cm (or 29 weeks). It's no wonder I feel like I skipped the second trimester. As far as size goes, I guess I kind of did smile.

I've been trying to take it easy a bit. I really don't want to be ordered to bed or anything. My back gets sore after doing about 45 minutes of housework, whatever it may be. A few times I've tried to roll over at night and felt like I had two pulled muscles on either side of the bottom of my belly. The same spots are almost always sore to touch, like they're bruised or something. I try to act as normal as I can, but I guess I need to learn to ask for help more. I just get embarrassed asking for help doing things I know I can do myself, but I probably shouldn't.

I collapsed in my kitchen this week. It wasn't really as dramatic as it sounds. I was putting some things in the dishwasher and after standing up and walking half way across the kitchen (about three steps) I just sat down on the floor. It was like my mind was fine but my body just decided it was going down. I remember standing up from the dishwasher taking a step and then I was just sitting on the floor. It was actually kind of cute; Nathan and Jesse came and sat on either side of me to keep me company. I called Shawn from the next room and he came and helped me up. I was glad I wasn't carrying anything sharp or Sam.

We had a good visit with Shawn's parents over the Thanksgiving weekend. I actually went for a hike, probably not the smartest thing for me to be doing but I didn't want to be left behind or for Shawn and the boys to miss out because they stayed with me. I was tired when we were done, but it was fine. The worst part was having a snack in the picnic area after the hike and finding out that our cookies had spider eggs all through them. Yes, I'm serious. I was glad I only ate one.

We all went to look at the house we're interested in. Actually, I thought just Shawn's dad and us were going to look at the house but when we got there, his brothers and their wives were already checking the place out. When we walked in, one of Shawn's brothers was coming up the basement stairs with his flashlight and the other was at the other end of the house looking into the space above the summer kitchen with his flashlight. We put in an offer for $60,000 with a few conditions. The offer was accepted with the condition that the closing date would be before the end of October. We were going to the bank for financing this morning but wanted to have the foundation checked so Shawn and a friend went out at 7 a.m. They discovered that the house is sitting on the ground and the bottom beam is half rotted all the way around. It's a log house underneath the siding. So the deal's off. We don't want to buy a place with no foundation, and the cost to put one in is more than we want to pay. We're pretty disappointed but there's not much we can do. So for now, here we are.

I'm holding steady at 155 pounds, not bad after a holiday weekend smile.

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