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Week Twenty-Three
~ Staying Put

I guess we're staying put for a while. Our real estate lady called and wanted Shawn to show the homeowners what he found in regard to the foundation so he went out on Wednesday night to meet them at the house (the same one we were interested in). He brought a contractor with him so he'd have a professional opinion. The meeting didn't go very well. The owner tried to convince Shawn that there was nothing wrong with the house and then when the contractor came he had a different opinion. The contractor and the owner argued, especially after the contractor suggested that a building inspector would have to come to the house before any work could be done (for permits etc.). After the contractor left, the owner asked Shawn to leave the property. Shawn called the contractor afterwards to thank him for coming out on short notice and asked him, off the record, how much the foundation work would cost. His answer was, between $20,000 - $30,000 if we were lucky. We could have spent Shawn's inheritance, had a loan to pay off, had five children and been stuck with a home that may have been condemned upon inspection. It was just too much to comprehend. We are thanking God that we found out about this info before there was no turning back. It really was a bad situation to begin with. The real estate lady is my aunt. Her brother-in-law owns the property and her husband was co-signer on the loan. It was suggested to us this week that it would be better for all parties involved if we looked at something else. I think we'll wait a while.

In the meantime, I moved the furniture (nothing heavy, don't worry) around in our bedroom to make a place for the babies. I guess it was my way of coping with the events of the past two weeks. I started taking out the clothes I had sorted and putting them in the drawers, set up a place to nurse, etc. I'd like to take one crib and put it down in the dining room (we had two donated to us but I'd like to keep the babies together anyway) so I'd have a place for them to sleep downstairs too. As I was tucking some wires behind the desk in our room I must have bent the wrong way. When I stood up, something in my pelvis area was "clunking" back and forth, for lack of a better way to describe it. With every step I could feel something move, like it was stuck out of place. It didn't hurt but it felt so strange that I was about to page Shawn and have him take me to the hospital. I was moving every which way trying to fix this problem. I tried praying. After awhile, it did finally fix itself, but what an experience. I really hope I don't do that again.

I did a ton of laundry this weekend. It feels good to get it all done. We need to wash our living room carpet soon because its starting to look really pathetic.

I ordered some new maternity underwear this week. I decided that after three children I needed some new ones. I've learned my lesson though and decided to invest in some cotton ones rather than the traditional lacy type. They looked really comfortable and I can't wait to try them out when they arrive. I'm trying to resist the urge to pack my suitcase already since I'll only be six months next week. I guess I'll just have to find other things to distract my time and energy, which shouldn't be to difficult. All I have to do is look around at all the piles of things I still need to do.

To my surprise and delight, the scale has only moved one notch to 156 pounds this week. I always seem to gain 50+ pounds before my babies are born though. That's why it feels so good to only be carrying around 16 extra pounds thus far.

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