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Week Twenty-Five
~ Which Way Is Up?

This week we celebrated Sam's first birthday. I actually ordered a cake because my oven has been out of commission for the last couple weeks. Besides that, I really like the cakes the grocery store makes. I got some good "messy face" pictures.

I went to my regular doctor's appointment and let him know about my contractions, etc. I am measuring 30 weeks now. That's only five weeks bigger than my dates. I guess it's starting to even out. We listened to two strong heart beats and discussed how Dr. R. was going to return Shawn's stepladder (Shawn had done some work at his home and left it there so someone else could use it). I was surprised when Dr. R. said he wanted to see me again in two weeks. I didn't understand why he would want me to come back only one week before my OB appointment in North Bay. He said he didn't trust me, that I tend to minimize my complaints. Oh well, I booked another appointment and will be bringing Sam in with me for his 12 month immunization. We have booked our antenatal appointment at the Hospital in North Bay for the same day as our OB appointment to cut down on travel.

In the next couple weeks, I have to have blood work done to screen for antibodies before I have a RhoGam shot (I have an RH negative blood type (A-) so I need to have RhoGam just in case my babies are RH+, in which case there's a chance that my body would think they were harmful and produce antibodies to attack them. I think I have that right. Then I should be having another ultrasound at about 28 weeks.

I am trying to find time to write lullabies for the babies. I do this for each one, although Sam doesn't have one yet either. I'd really like to find a company that I could make a music box that would play their song.

Our Church did something called Light the Night on Halloween. They got a whole bunch of high powered lights and Christmas lights and lit up our church parking lot while they gave out bags of candy to the kids. The point was to be a light on a very dark holiday, which we usually have nothing to do with. I thought it was a great idea and 85 out of 100 bags of candy were given out. I hope we can do it again next year.

Dr. R.'s scale says I weigh 162 lbs. No, I was not the winner of the last 15 bags of candy from Light the Night! It must be the babies because I haven't even been eating as much as usual. Could be the dreaded water retention thing, too, though.

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