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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Thirty-One
~ Riding It Out

With only seven days to go, my friend had not yet been able to find suitable music for her wedding so I, being the pest that I am, asked her to come over so we could work on it. Her and her fiancé wanted classical pieces for most of the ceremony, and she wanted the traditional Bridal Chorus (processional) and Wedding March (recessional) as well. I found the latter on the net but they were kind of flat compared to Bach who's music seemed to fit the bill for the rest of the ceremony. We got together Monday night and recorded the pieces (Bach) in order on one tape and just as we were trying to figure out which wav file to tape, our Pastor's Wife called (she works in North Bay on Mondays) to let us know that she'd picked up an orchestral version of the Chorus and March. Pretty cool, I thought. It always amazes me that God cares about the same details we do.

Tuesday brought with it another ultrasound appointment. Both heads were down at the start but it was hard to measure them that way and because they are so big now (about 3 lbs. each), I was in there for about and hour and a half. Needless to say, I had an awful time trying to get up afterwards. I would like to ask Dr. W. if we can quit doing these (he wants an ultrasound done every four weeks to compare the babies' sizes). It took so long to get the few measurements we needed and I was told that the measurements become less accurate as the babies grow and we only have nine weeks left, if that.

Wednesday I had to call Shawn home from work because I couldn't walk due to severe pain at the top of my left leg and between my legs. It improved when I rested for a bit but it comes and goes now. No, we didn't go to the hospital. I know they would just tell me to go home and rest, just like they always have. I actually get more upset hearing that than having to deal with the pain. I feel like I've wasted everyone's time. I have been sore ever since (off and on) and I've been having a lot of Braxton Hicks as well. Shawn was not pleased with having to come home. K (my bride-to-be-friend) actually came over that afternoon to give me a hand.

Thursday I finished up the wedding bulletins and Friday was the rehearsal. We went through the ceremony a few times. I found it really hard to stand up for so long.

Saturday was K and M's wedding. It was beautiful and short . I didn't even trip when I came up the aisle, light my hair on fire (I had to stand close to the candles and my hair was down), or drop more than a few grains of rice on myself during the reception! The only problem was when we went to the groom's parents' home after the reception (which ended at about 8 p.m.). I'm not used to being around smoke anymore, but they did try to keep the space well ventilated. I was glad to get home and lay down. It was a long day but everything turned out really well.

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