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Week Thirty-Three
~ Christmas On The Couch

This week started with an appointment with my family doctor (so I don't have to go to North Bay every week). I'm still measuring 38 weeks and 176 lbs. Shawn had an appointment before me for a physical required to keep his B license (he can drive a school bus). Ten minutes before I was to leave for my appointment, our neighbour got an ambulance call and had to leave his four kids with us. Shawn still wasn't back from his appointment yet. When Shawn arrived home, there was a quick exchange of information, a few instructions and I left. Exciting :-).

While I was at my appointment I was asked to give the usual urine sample. The washroom at Dr. R's office is really small. To make a long story short, I ended up getting my hair caught in the empty toilet paper holder across from the toilet. I laughed and laughed. The whole thing just seemed so ridiculous.

Tuesday morning our boys woke up coughing. Nathan spent the rest of the week home from school, and we all got more sickly in the days leading up to Christmas. You've probably heard about this flu because everyone seemed to get it. Sam got it the worst and ended up having to go to the hospital up to four times a day for ventalin (he was having a really hard time breathing) and an inhaled steroid along with some medication he had to drink. It is so hard listening to him wheeze with every breath. We celebrated Christmas as best we could from the couches in the livingroom. We didn't go to the Church Family Dinner (so they brought dinner to us) or Sunday Service (they brought us leftovers too). It's not so bad taking care of the kids when they're sick, but when you're sick too, it's much harder, not to mention being 33 weeks pregnant with twins and not being able to take any of the wonderful drugs available to everyone else. I'm just glad I feel better now. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again (I sleep in the bottom bunk in the boys' room to keep an ear out for Sam).

We moved our furniture around in the livingroom to make a spot for the downstairs crib for the babies. It really looks much better, and I wonder why we never arranged the furniture this way before. It's a nice change. I'm very aware of the time and still want to get those miscellaneous items sorted and packaged so things will run as smoothly as possible. I don't want to be tripping over anything. My neighbour had a good point (she has four kids, including a set of twins). People with as many kids as we have can't afford NOT to be organized. I agree.

We have kind of gone back to the drawing board with baby names. They were never able to get a 100% certainty on the sex of one of the twins. They're 99% sure they're both girls but what if they're wrong? We can't allow a baby boy to remain nameless. We haven't come up with any boy's names yet. The girls will be Elizabeth and Anna (I think). Second names are being re-examined too. We'll let you know what we come up with. The reason for the switch from Alyssa to Anna is that when people ask about names and we say Elizabeth, they nod and smile . . . when we say Alyssa they get this look on their face and have trouble with the pronunciation, etc. I had been looking for another name to replace it anyway because it just didn't seem to fit. The funny thing is, when I looked at the back of my name book where I had written the names I liked best long ago, Alyssa was rated #4 and Anna #1 on my list.

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