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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Thirty-Five
~ The Countdown

We saw Dr. R. this week here in town. I'm measuring 41 weeks and 178 lbs. (The one pound loss could be due to the different scales at the two offices). The ultrasound we had the day after our appointment this week confirmed what Dr. R. said. One of the babies is engaged head first. The ultrasound showed the other's head next to the first with the body laying underneath and across the first baby. They're supposedly just over 4 lbs. each but I think they're bigger somehow. I don't know how accurate the measurements can be at this stage and in their positions (we were told at our first ultrasound that it would be less accurate the further along we got). Now that they're ready to go, it's starting to sink in that they really could come any day. I'm trying to carry on normally but I'm finding it harder to be objective about things.

One of Shawn's friends, Mr. H. recently moved into a hotel near the hospital in North Bay. He is one of those people that you might class as "high maintenance" company. You know, they talk a lot, know about everything and don't recognize hints that it is time to close a conversation or end a visit. They don't realize when it's not a good time to talk on the phone (like when you're trying to get the kids into bed). Anyway, Shawn has decided that he wants to stay with him when I'm at the hospital since he can't stay with me this time. I'm really afraid that Mr. H. will somehow manage to keep him from being with me when I need him. I feel really bad about the whole thing and have questions nagging at me. Will Mr. H. come to visit me at the hospital (I hope not)? What will Mr. H. figure we owe him when all is said and done? Will Shawn be there for me? I feel selfish; I've expressed these things to Shawn as best I can but he still insists all will be fine. Shawn is going to help him with a computer when we go to North Bay for my next appointment. It will be interesting to see how long I have to wait for him to pick me up after I page him.

A lady who's son is in Nathan's class called this week. She had twins two years ago and has offered her double stroller to us. I'm still amazed at how many things God has arranged to deliver to us, even from people we don't really know.

Our boys have completely recovered from the "bug" that hit us just before Christmas and Shawn and I are on our way.

It's hard to believe we're almost done waiting to see our babies. I almost thought we'd be going to the hospital a few days ago. I kept going through my mental list of what being in real labour was. All I had were the contractions. It just got my attention because my lower back was starting to ache too. It turned out that I just needed to go to bed. I did throw some things in my suitcase before I went to sleep though. I hope I'll be able to figure it out this time. Though everything went well with Sam's delivery, I was told they don't want to try delivering twins in Mattawa.

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