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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Thirty-Six
~ Minute By Minute

Everyone seems to be watching me to see when the babies will come. One minute I'm really excited about the prospect of this pregnancy being finished, yet the next minute I'm overwhelmed by the certainty of the countdown. At least I feel ready more often than not at this point. I've gotten a lot of encouragement, which I'm very grateful for.

This week we saw Dr. W. in North Bay. I measured 43 weeks (or cm) and 180 lbs. I had the swab for Strep B done and was told that the one baby is "way down" (has been engaged for about two weeks) now. The second baby is still lying head down body across like last week. I don't think I'll ever get used to the way my socks squeeze the bottom of my "water-widened" legs. They make quite the indent. Dr. W. said that's normal. I still smile a bit when I get changed at night and take notice of this phenomenon. I'm supposed to come to North Bay every week from now on to have the status of my cervix checked.

Kim (my neighbour and friend) went to visit another friend of ours who had her baby on January 4th. I thought seeing the baby would make me want to have my own sooner, but surprisingly it didn't. Not only that, but she looked big to me. You would think she'd look really small but I have this picture in my head of Sam when he was born and how big his head looked compared to the rest of his skinny body. This little girl's head looks smaller than her body. She's cute though. I asked her mom how she got back down to size so quickly. She sighed and said she still had 8 lbs. to loose. I laughed, thinking of the 20 I never shed after Sam :-).

I went out to get groceries this week and tripped on the icy sidewalk. I didn't actually fall, thank God. I managed to stock our cupboards pretty well, "just in case," and was able to pick up a few treats - New socks for me (our kitchen floor has a bad reputation for sock snagging) and some liquid acetaminophen for our teething 15-month-old (I didn't realize we were out of stock after "the flu" and was tickled "cherry red" to have a minute to get some more).

Till next week!

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