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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Thirty-Seven
~ Up, Down, Up, Down . . .

I actually think my Braxton Hicks have given way to real contractions. I started timing them on Monday. It looked like the same pattern as last time. They were as close together as 10 minutes and sometimes more than an hour apart. They seemed a little more purposeful than the "exercises" I'd been experiencing.

I went to my weekly appointment in North Bay with a little excitement and my suitcase. Dr. W. had said if I was starting to dilate that he would admit me. I measured 1 cm and 30% effaced. Also 182 lbs. and 42 weeks (fundus). He told me I was doing really well. I told him about my contractions and he said he would admit me if I wanted but Shawn wasn't there, and I didn't feel it was time or I was dilated enough. I have wondered every day if I should have just went to the hospital while I had the opportunity.

I had more contractions on Tuesday after my appointment which tapered off on Wednesday until the evening when they seemed to pick up a bit. We went to the hospital here to be checked on Wednesday night. Nothing. After all that there was no change. I didn't time anything from Wednesday afternoon on. It just seems so pointless. I also got hemorrhoids on Wednesday. Thursday my hemorrhoids started bleeding. I tried baths, witch hazel, laying on my side to relieve the pressure . . . for the most part they're not too bad, and I'm treating them with Preparation H so I hope they go away soon. It just seems to make everything else worse.

Friday and Saturday passed fairly uneventfully except for those nagging contractions. When I stand up my belly gets really hard every time and stays that way for up to three minutes. When I'm sitting at my computer, I get contractions, these ones closer together. When I'm in bed I have a few strong enough to wake me up.

Today (Sunday) I passed some mucous and a bit of fluid. I've had the feeling like I need to go to the bathroom all day (which continued after I actually went). You know, that low pressure feeling and a crampiness. I thought all of these things warranted another visit to the hospital just to be safe. I don't know why I went; I guess I thought it was the responsible thing to do. Shawn took me, and I was checked. Guess what, I'm maybe 2 cm, no amniotic fluid leaks, and my cervix is still thick (the doctor wasn't sure what percentage). I feel like such a fool for not being able to tell if anything is changing or not. This is the fourth time around; you'd figure I'd have some clue as to what was happening, or not happening. I told Shawn, on our way home tonight, that I'd just go in when my water broke. He said "that didn't work well last time." I have another appointment next Tuesday. I don't know whether I'm looking forward to it or not. I think I'll be okay if I keep my expectations realistic.

Shawn is now taking care of the heating system at a local resort until Wednesday next week (it's an outdoor wood heat system that needs to be stocked up sometimes three times a day). Dr. W. is on call at the hospital in North Bay next Thursday. I guess it would be okay if we went in then; it's not the date that really bothers me, it's the uncertainty of how much time we'll have to get to North Bay. I don't want everyone to think I purposely ignored what my body was saying so I could stay in Mattawa again.

I started an afghan for Nathan this week. I needed to do something that's not related to the babies for a change.

The highlight of my week was attending a baby shower for a friend of mine who had her first girl (3rd child) on January 4th. It was a nice evening. We were also brought two suppers by different ladies from our church this week and went out for dinner at Subway as a family. So I suppose it hasn't really been a miserable week after all.

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