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Week Thirty-Eight
~ Is The Timer Broken?

This week seems to have blurred into the weeks before and after it. I'll try to stick to a timeline here, I think it'll help all of us :-).

I had a few bouts with heartburn this week but I'm feeling better lately. I didn't make any more trips to the hospital to be checked. I got tired of the whole ordeal of it.

My weekly appointment produced the following facts: I'm still at about 1 cm dilated and my cervix is still up too high to attempt rupture of the membranes. I'm up to 186 pounds (I never weighed this much before) and have a fundal height of 43 cm. I was sent for a non-stress test right after my appointment which showed two healthy heartrates. My ultrasound was moved closer (from next Thursday to Monday) to check on the sizes of the babies again.

It was an interesting day . . . our babysitter called in sick so we ended up bringing our two youngest sons with us to North Bay. I kept Sam (15 months) with me. He enjoyed running up and down the halls (a lot of us have to sit out there because there's not enough room in the office for all of the OB patients (Dr. W. only does OB patients one day a week and there are only three OB/GYNs servicing the whole area). I held Sam even while I was being examined. Needless to say but I was really tired by the time we got home.

The house we've been renting (front apartment actually) has been for sale since the fall and someone came to look at it on Friday. They put in an offer and our landlords accepted it. We find out next week if the people were able to get financing. We have until April 30th to find a new place. I go back and forth between excitement and uncertainty about the whole thing. I'm still working on getting through this pregnancy. At least we have some time. My mom was telling me that she had to move two weeks after having my brother because their landlord gave the house they were renting to his daughter as a wedding present. We are fortunate to have great landlords who are also our good friends. We are happy for them.

Obviously we are still waiting for the babies to arrive. I never thought we would go this far. I'm finding it more difficult to pass the time productively and find myself looking forward to my afternoon naps (or whenever I can sneak in a few winks). Things are kind of piling up around here, work-wise. I actually left the house a few times this week with the kids. We went to get the mail and groceries etc. It felt good to be outside in the sunshine and walk around.

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