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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Thirty-Nine
~ The Long Haul

This week I'm measuring 44 cm and Dr. W. said I'm maybe 2 cm dilated and 30-40% effaced. That news was kind of depressing. Like I tell Shawn, I wouldn't mind all the contractions I'm having if they were actually doing something. We were given two options today:

  1. Stay and have my water broken (pros - would get this over with; cons - could take time, could end up needing oxytocin to help labour progress, could overstimulate and cause babies stress, could end up with emergency c-section (this is a worst case scenario).

  2. Go home (pros - more natural; cons - could deliver quickly again; we have to go for another non-stress test in North Bay on Friday, do another ultrasound on Monday and another doctor appointment on Tuesday. This is a major hassle but it was insisted that I be monitored more often now).
I told Dr. W. I didn't want to have another ultrasound . . . lying on my back for over an hour at 39 weeks pregnant with twins is not fun at all :-(. I also told him I didn't want to come all the way back to North Bay for another 20 minute non-stress test. His response was "then we will admit you right now for observation". He is relying on the testing (ultrasound and monitoring) to help him decide what should be done. He's on call next Wednesday and next weekend. He said something about putting me in the hospital during either of those times if nothing has changed by next week.

I never thought we'd go this far. We decided to come home. I told him that if the babies were doing so well there was no reason to take any measures at this time. Dr. W. had no problem acknowledging that the babies and the pregnancy have developed wonderfully and without problems. He also asked if the situation should arise where the second baby is coming breech, if I wanted to attempt to deliver naturally. I told him I'd delivered a 10 pound baby and didn't think there'd be a problem. He made a note for me in my file regarding my wishes to make the attempt. I thought that was good.

According to the ultrasound I had yesterday one of the babies appears to be just over 6 pounds and the other just under. It was said that the accuracy of the measurements could be out by as much as 10% though. I'm really looking forward to being finished with this part of our adventure.

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