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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Forty
~ Miracles Still Happen

This week started off with another visit to emergency here in Mattawa. It was Sunday and I was pretty sure I was in the process of losing my mucous plug. That was earlier in the day, and we waited until evening before heading to the hospital. My contractions still weren't regular but they were there and we wanted to be better safe than sorry. The doctor at emergency examined me and announced that I was 3 cm and almost fully effaced. He said, noting my track record, that we should go to North Bay right away. He even asked if Shawn had my bags in the car. We made a few phone calls to arrange childcare, etc. and were on our way.

We took our time and arrived in good spirits. I spent the night restrained by the fetal heart monitor, which was adjusted quite frequently because the heart rates stayed very close to each other. They weren't satisfied with the printout so it was left on a "little longer" and "just for a few more minutes". It was about 8 a.m. by the time I was actually examined to see how things were progressing. We were surprised to hear "2 cm and 40% effaced". I decided that the night before was the last time I would go to emergency in Mattawa to be checked. The doctor (the same one who sent me home when I went in with false labour last time) asked "Well, what do you think we should do with you?" I told him that if everything was fine I wanted to go home. We made it home just in time to make my ultrasound appointment in Mattawa.

The ultrasound showed two healthy and 'comfortable' baby girls who were obviously content to stay put despite their close quarters. Their positions had changed though. Baby A was still engaged but baby B was now laying horizontally across the top of the uterus.

I sat uncomfortably on the floor in the hall waiting for my appointment with Dr. W. the next day, hoping it would be the last time. Shawn stayed with me to hear the verdict. I had reached 190 lbs. (a new record), my blood pressure was fine and I was still measuring 2 cm and 40%. We decided to come in that Friday and have my water broken. I'd had enough, I felt like I'd done enough, the words "full term twins" had new meaning now. We went home still praying that I'd go into labour on my own.

The week passed uneventfully. We made arrangements, tried to finish up a few things and just waited for Friday to come.

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