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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Five
~ Finding Out

I had a really strange feeling that "something was up" when my period was one day late. Funny how you just seem to know certain things. I decided to wait one more day before I took a test. I didn't want to spend another $13.95 on a second test since the same thing happened last month. The trips to the bathroom had increased and became kind of predictable, and my breasts had become sore. I had to wait yet another day since it was Sunday and the drug store was closed. The next day I went early and picked up a test. The looks I got from the cashiers, who all know us, (everyone knows everyone here) were accompanied by "the question." "We'll see," I said, anxious to get out of there before I ran into anyone else.

I went home and took the test, watching, as always to see what would happen. Sure enough, two pink lines appeared after what seemed like forever. I almost cried, laughed and fainted. I didn't know what to do. All I could think of was how happy I was and how awful it was going to be to tell Shawn. After I collected myself, I left the bathroom, went on the net and calculated my due date (February 13, 2000), wrote the information down and tucked everything into my sock drawer. I decided to be happy and said a prayer.

Not wanting to have a repeat performance from last month, I decided I would not tell Shawn until I felt I could handle it. It was hard because I don't keep anything from him but looking back it was a really good decision. Then I went back to the drug store and picked up some prenatal vitamins, which I also hid.

I told Shawn on Thursday about the baby and he responded the way I thought. He was upset, I cried, he blamed himself, I cried, we talked. I was glad to have that over with. Our concern then turned towards having a "year 2000" baby. Nice timing huh?

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