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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Eight
~ The Excitement Never Stops

We went for a weekend vacation this week at a place called L'Auberge Des Pionniers. We stayed in a cabin and for the most part we had fun playing at the beach and eating outside. We were very disappointed that our friends from Baffin Island (Clyde River) would not be joining us because they got snowed in and their plane couldn't leave.

One evening at supper, though, Jesse fell with a fork in his mouth and, of course, much screaming and fuss followed. Poor little guy. We felt really bad for him. He had gotten a large sliver in his foot from the deck too but we didn't find out about it until the next day. All that night he was awake and kept waking his brothers up. It was a small cabin and just as we'd get one child back to sleep, another would wake up. What a terrible night. Jesse was complaining about his leg and foot but we couldn't see anything in the dark. Finally I took him for a walk at 2:30 a.m., trying to avert a nuclear meltdown. I came back, however, when it hit me that we were outside in the dark, in the bush. When we arrived, he woke his brothers up again. I hate to admit it but we ended up locking the outside door of the enclosed porch and put him out there on a sofa bed. We left a window open between us and he slept there till morning.

As we were packing up to leave the next day I noticed that Jesse was limping. We looked at his foot and noticed his sliver. Talk about feeling stupid. Shawn later took it out when we got home. I was glad to be home. It is difficult to go anywhere with small children but it's no fun being stuck at home all the time either.

Nathan has started playing T-Ball a couple times a week. Its hilarious to watch him. He hits the ball and then runs after it. A couple times he just hit it and stood there. A lot of the kids do stuff like that though. I'm guessing they'll improve as the season goes on.

My sciatic nerve has started to bother me again. It does every time. I couldn't figure out why it causes me grief so early on but I figure it must have something to do with the stretching and shifting our bodies do. Something must start to press on it. It doesn't help when your 4-year-old takes to flinging himself from the couch onto your back in search of a "horsey ride" either.

I forgot to weigh myself this week. But I did find that if I eat supper fare about six times a day, in small amounts, I do ok.

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