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Noelle's Pregnancy Journal

Week Nine
~ Celebrating Six Years

I took the boys to the T-Ball "Fun Day" at a local beach this week. They had some fun games, which included trying to eat a donut on a string without hands and a three-legged race. The donut eating was interesting. Nathan hates getting food on himself and wouldn't touch it while Jesse had a hard time getting hold of it. They were happy (and so was I) when they finally got to eat them at the end of the contest. For the three-legged race, I tied Nathan and Jesse together and they walked pretty well, other than going the wrong way :-). We finished off the afternoon with a sixty foot sub and the coach had a cooler of ice water dumped over her head. I think we (Kim & I) were the only ones who weren't laughing. We felt really bad for her.

Just to fill you in, Kim & Frank are our landlords, friends and part of our church family. Kim is a elementary school teacher and Frank is an ambulance attendant (he's also on the same fire department as Shawn). We live in the front part of their house, divided like a semi except made into front and back sections instead of side by side. They have two boys (6 & 5) and a set of twin girls (4). We do a lot of things together and I'll probably talk about them a lot so I thought I would introduce them.

We celebrated our sixth anniversary this week (July 10) but we didn't go anywhere. We're going to go next week when we get tires. It's not that we don't think our anniversary is important but we would like to go to North Bay (about a 45 minute drive) for dinner and might as well wait till we sort our finances out to get the tires at the same time.

Shawn's parents were up last week and we had a nice visit with them. They know about the baby and are very pleased. My parents still don't know. Shawn's Oma sent some money for us to go to dinner and pay a babysitter. She's a sweet lady and we're thankful for her generosity.

This week my weight was 145 lbs. Not bad. I'm eating ok but I need to remember to drink lots too. I still have morning sickness and am very tired.

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