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Week 10 ~ December 2, 2002
~ We give Thanks for all that is good!

What a great week! I was so busy, I didn't have time to be afraid of anything. That burst of fear last week and all those scripture readings sure did help. My prayers this week included praying for my faith and trust in God to be maintained every day and boy was it! There is not a doubt in my mind that I am pregnant and the world is good.

We told the kids. We set an extra place at the table for Thanksgiving dinner. They both noticed after we sat down and asked if that was for our wayward son. We have a close friend who shows up at our house at all times of the day and night. He has a standing invitation to come and go as he pleases and a permanent place at the table and a blanket on the couch. Michael and I both laughed and told them that this place was not for Olin, but for our new blessing for whom we were to give thanks. The kids sort of looked and then they got it. Both were thrilled! Brig said that she would share her "nursies" with the baby, the left for her and the right for the baby. Caitlyn wants another girl and Stuart a boy. Then they asked if we could get a new puppy at the same time. Oh to be a child again. It did feel good to tell them and be able to talk about my pregnancy freely around them.

I had my meeting with my diabetes counselor on Wednesday. Onto my diet and testing the blood sugars 4x daily. If I'm not poking, I'm eating. I am having a very hard time with my morning fasting sugar. I am supposed to have a bedtime snack but every time I do, no matter how few carbohydrates I have, the morning test is over 95. The other night, no snack and I was careful with the carbs and still over 95. On the night I wasn't very hungry and just had a few pieces of turkey for dinner it was 88. Seems like the carbohydrates are really going to give me some problems. I believe I am going to have to see a nutritionist about this and figure out what I am doing wrong. Luckily eating at Chik-Fil-A, my favorite food, seems to be working out fine.

The rest of my life is a bit overwhelming these days. With Michael gone so much, it just seems like I have so little time to myself. When Brig is in preschool, I am painting the rental house, doing laundry, trying to finish rooms that have been in the middle of being rearranged for months, raking leaves, cleaning up the vegetable garden and now decorating for Christmas. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Now that the kids know I am pregnant, they say they understand my short temperedness and my tiredness and promise to help out more. We shall see . . . they are 12 and 9 . . . their idea of helping out is sometimes a bit different than mine.

Fortunately this week I get to look forward to a little break. We are all going to Williamsburg for a few days and I cannot wait to have someone make my bed, serve me my meals and for my only responsibility to be to walk around Colonial Williamsburg and swim some laps in the pool. It will be a bittersweet trip as when we did this same trip last year, I was miscarrying. What a wonderful celebration this will be though . . . to be at the same place at the same time of year and to be enjoying the joys of pregnancy.

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