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Week 11 ~ December 9, 2002
~ I am really, really pregnant!

Once again, a glorious week, full of blessings. I cannot believe how many gifts this family continues to be given again and again and again.

Where to begin . . . We got to experience a winter wonderland on Wednesday into Thursday; tons of snow and not too much ice so of course the kids were thrilled. They were out of school on Thursday. I wasn't so thrilled as I had a doctor's appointment. I am sure that all of you understand the thrill at a simple doctor's appointment and the idea of having to reschedule was a bit disheartening. However, that wonderful 3/4 ton, 4-wheel drive Suburban of mine made it through all the snow without one little slide. I was only 10 minutes late to boot.

Max came rushing into the room in his usual hurried pace, stuck the stethoscope to my ears and all I could hear was the whooshing of the baby flipping all around. Being the wonderful doc he is says, "Any 38 year old woman with a prior miscarriage who gets here in this weather deserves an ultrasound." How could I say no?

And there was this little baby, arms and legs waving, swimming and flipping and a heart beating like crazy. What a wonderful, blessed sight. For some reason the sight of this baby was just so much more precious and meaningful than any of the others - even Brigid, who I thought was our last. All of the sudden it hit, I mean really hit - I am really, really pregnant.

What a feeling to have as we head off to Williamsburg for the weekend. To go back to the place where I lost my last child and be able to celebrate the upcoming birth and life of another was a wonderful thrill. I am even starting to show a little and can put my hand on my abdomen and feel a little knot. Once again . . . celebrating the smallest things in this pregnancy reminds all of us what a blessing this has truly been.

It was wonderful to take a family trip and wander through Williamsburg again. I love that town. We did not stay for the Illumination on Sunday night though as Michael's schedule was changed yet again and he didn't have Monday off. I did get frustrated trying to manage the gestational diabetes though. We raced through a drive through a few times and I just cannot do fast food anymore. It sent my blood sugar all the way up to 162 an hour after eating. And that was after eating an Egg McMuffin . . . pretty much the exact same thing I eat in the morning at home and my blood sugar is usually about 100-110 after that. A plain grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy's resulted in a 145. Although Michael should understand this disease process more than me, he just seems to want to ignore it. On Friday we didn't get around to eating until 3:30pm. At that time my blood sugar was down to 55 and I was really getting sick. Not three hours before that he had told me about all the truck drivers with diabetes that come to him and complain that with their schedules it is so hard to manage their diabetes. So what is the difference between them and me that he cannot stop for lunch at 1pm, which is a good time for me to eat? This did make me a bit angry with him and I was sharp over the weekend. I admit that I should have planned better and brought myself a sandwich or two to tide me over when this happens. Next time I know.

This week . . . Christmas decorations and exercise! The decorations have been out of the attic for over a week now and not touched. I love my tree so much. It is time for me to get them out so I can enjoy the rest of the season; even though I will not be doing my usual Christmas baking. My will power is at its height and the treadmill is being moved in from the garage today and I am going to use it!

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