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Week 15 ~ January 6, 2003
~ Another quiet one . . .

Just a very quiet week. Nothing too stressful, nothing too exciting. I loved it. Baby wise things are very quiet. I thought I felt movement last night . . . the second time I have thought I felt it. But I am pretty sure that it was just very severe gas. I had the stomach pains to go with it. This has to be one of the worst things about pregnancy. It is so unpredictable and it doesn't really seem to matter what I eat . . . it just hits me and I must depart from all company as I don't have a lot of control. I will never forget the scene in Sex and the City with Cynthia Nixon sitting at the table and experiencing the same thing. Wish I handled it like her and just waved my hands with a smile and said, "I'm pregnant. I can't help it." Ahhhh . . . more of the joys of pregnancy.

I have a doctor's appointment this week. It is for my amnio. I am a bit nervous about this as I have never had one. This is purely for Michael's peace of mind. Many people have asked why I am subjecting myself to this if it is only for his reassurance. I guess it just seems like the right thing to do. He doesn't have the peace about the pregnancy and the baby that I have so this is the only way he knows how to get it. He just relies on that medical training so much. Of course he has to go with me to hold my hand. But as Brigid is going with me as well, I'm not too sure whose hand he will be holding. The good news is, I have to stay off my feet for 24 hours afterwards. I have never, not once, in any of my pregnancies, been told to stay off my feet for any length of time. I must say I am taking a bit of guilty pleasure in looking forward to that.

The kids have returned to school and I kicked off the new week by going to water aerobics this morning. Although I didn't feel like I exercised at all, I did at least move and do something. I have been having troubles with my heart rate going too high with walking so this should work out well. I can only go 2x a week, but that has to be better than nothing. We will not talk about the way my bathing suit fit me. We will also not talk about the fact that all that jumping around made me have to run to the bathroom twice.

I think Michael and I have come to a conclusion about our rental house. After spending so much time painting and repairing (and we still aren't done!) it seems such a shame to rent it and then just have to paint and fix up again when this tenant moves out. UGH! I believe that the equity in it will allow us to put a small addition on our den turning it into a master bedroom and add a master bath. We only have 4 bedrooms and I haven't quite figured out where we are going to add another child, so this would work out so well for us. Not that another child would require a bedroom for quite some time. But if we can get it sold and get going on this. It is a hard decision as this is the first house that Michael and I bought but adding a master bedroom is just too tempting.

Now if I can just convince the 3 year old to nap today, life will be perfect. You know, it is the simple things that give joy when you are pregnant . . .A nap, some pain relieving gas, feet up for 24 hours.

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