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Week 16 ~ January 13, 2003
~ . . . And what a week it has been!

What a wonderful and scary week all at the same time. This week was a biggie for me. My first amniocentesis. I have to admit . . . I was terrified. My babysitter canceled and I had to take Brigid. It was past her naptime, she didn't get lunch, I didn't get lunch, Michael didn't get lunch, Max was behind . . . Could it get anymore tense? Probably, but at that moment I didn't think so. For some unknown reason I just got it in my head on Tuesday night that Max was going to put that sonogram wand to my stomach and there was not going to be a baby wiggling around . . . It was just going to be still. Why on earth that happened, I have no idea.

Just as this thought entered my mind, God jerked me back again and the phone rang. It was my BSF discussion leader. This wonderful woman calls all her group weekly to check up on us and see if we have any prayer requests for the week. My fear just poured out of my mouth. And Linda just says come on and let's pray now. It was just what I needed. The words just came pouring out of her mouth and I felt God take over again and take away my fears. And of course knowing that the whole group was going to be praying for my peace and safety on Thursday was a huge help. Peace returned and so did my ability to think rationally . . .

There was not much pain involved in the actual procedure and I was just a bit sore on Thursday. On Friday though, I felt horrible all day. I slept from about 11am until 2:30 and only got up because I felt like I had to. I really do not know what happened to make me go from feeling so good, to so badly. As the last 4ccs of amniotic fluid were contaminated with my blood, I am just praying that Max got enough to run all the tests. Guess I will know by January 23.

I also started on 10 units of insulin every morning. I had a debate with Max about this as I believe I should be getting the shot in the evening as the fasting sugars are when I have the problem. It makes sense to me to give the insulin at night and get the burst during the night rather than during the day. Although it is sustained release and should continue working all night long. I spoke to him twice about this and he really wants me to give it a try during the day and not at night. His concern is that because I have had some hypoglycemic episodes in the past, I should take the insulin during the day when I can eat should my blood sugar level get too low. Ok . . . that makes sense too, but I guess we shall have to wait and see what the results on my fasting sugars are. I go back in 2 weeks to see how my control is and get test results. Actually, I am already up to going back every two weeks. The advantage of being old and having IDGD.

The slow pace of the Christmas holidays has rapidly departed and we are back to our usual frantic pace. Swim team business is heating up, Stuart had his last try out for his Olympic Soccer team and finds out about that this week, Caitlyn is back to having school issues, Michael has returned to work and indoor soccer starts tonight. We had someone look at our rental house to see about listing it, but now there may be a need to rent it out to some friends on a short term basis. They understand that we still need to list it and I can trust them to keep it orderly and neat for showing. I know that it would only be for the short term. The needs of a friend far out weigh our need to get it listed and sold. That can happen at any time. Their need to be together as a family rather than the husband living down here and the family in Buffalo is much more important. So our expansion plans get put on hold. Who wants to be doing that in the middle of summer with a newborn anyway?

Can you believe that . . . a newborn. I just cannot believe how special I feel that God has decided that I deserve another of His children. Why me and not some other people who I believe are more deserving? I don't have those answers but I can give thanks that He did choose me. Every day that this child develops I feel more and more blessed.

Awwww . . .darn pregnancy hormones. Now I'm crying!

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