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Week 20 ~ February 11, 2003
~ The wonderful side effects of pregnancy . . .

Have you ever really thought about this? Why do so many weird things happen to us when we are pregnant? I understand the hormones . . . But why do hormones make us dream weird things? Why do I sneeze when I am pregnant? Why do I drool more? Why do my hands fall asleep when I sleep? Just some of my 2am musings at work again. I just noticed the other night after I got up for the fourth time to go to the bathroom, that I had had some strange dream yet again. The dreams just do not make any sense and I remember them when I wake up, which is very unusual for me. Of course due to the massive insomnia, I can't remember them ten minutes later, but I do remember them when I wake up initially. I can kind of understand the sneezing thing . . . After all, your membranes are all thin and inflamed. Ok, so the drooling makes some sense too for that reason. But my hands falling asleep? And only at night and only when I am pregnant. I don't really want the answers, but these are some of the things that have crossed my mind when I am laying there at 2am trying to go back to sleep.

We are at home today with yet another snow day. And we are all getting a little tired of them. Last week the kids were only in school for 3 days and I think it is getting to be a bit much. Because of Brigid's behavior right now and my low tolerance for stressful situations, our activities are pretty much limited to home activities. I just cannot put myself in a situation where Brigid is likely to misbehave. She is just a very tough three year-old and very likely to push me over the edge if we try shopping or the movies. Our athletic club has a new rule that all children must be accompanied at all times so they can no longer run off their excess energy at the basketball court and the pool is full of people swimming laps. So here we sit, trying to come up with some new projects and activities to keep us all occupied for another day. I don't believe that folding laundry or cleaning woodwork is their idea of fun. Come to think of it, not my idea either . . .

My crazy evenings are beginning again. Stuart's travel soccer schedule starts this week. In one way it is good since we aren't all hanging around the house going nuts. But on the other hand, he gets home at 3:45 and we have to leave at about 4:20 to make 5:00 soccer practice. For a couple of weeks that overlaps with his Futsal games on Tuesday nights so we go straight from one to the to the other. Of course with it being as cold as it is right now the girls and I can't hang out at the soccer field and play or walk. And since we are the only family that doesn't live in town, we have to find something to do for the 1.5 hours Stuart is there. We do have a mall right around the corner, but spending every Tuesday and Friday evening at the mall is not our idea of a good time. Fortunately when April rolls around we can usually spend that time sitting by the pitch and enjoying the outdoors. Since practice has been moved to a field near an indoor pool, I think I will investigate the times of their summer warm-up practice and maybe can get Caitlyn enrolled in that. The little Miss Priss will probably get a tad irritated that she cannot swim but maybe I can throw her in a corner of a lane. Writing this out really makes me wonder what it will be like when there is another in the mix?

I had forgotten how wonderful the threes can be. Do you detect some sarcasm? Brigid is a love, but a very strong willed and independent child. I was so proud that at least one child was like me and wanted things in their place. But these days I am discovering how challenging it can be to live with a Type A personality. She is also in clingy phase so wants to spend sooooo much time with me. I wonder if she senses what is going on. Today I was informed that she was having a baby but I was having a dog and that she will not share her nursies with a dog! Well . . . Ok . . . I can't imagine that I would ask her to share her nursies with a dog. Right now I would like it if she would relinquish any claim she had to her nursies. They have informed me that they would like a rest before June.

Time is marching on, despite my request that it stand still for a day or week or month or two. I am officially half way through my pregnancy and only have 20 weeks left to enjoy the thrill of being pregnant. My three year old is gaining independence and learning something new every day. My nine year old turns ten on Friday. My twelve year old is going to a Sock Hop and writing papers on responsibility and I continue to color my hair to hide the gray . . .Time really does just keep on going.

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