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Week 22 ~ February 25, 2003
~ Rough Week . . .

It has been a rough week all around. Not just on the baby front but on the home front as well. Pregnancy is supposed to be such a glorious time, but I guess that growing baby just forgets that there is a life outside of the womb that sometimes interferes . . .

I had to go in and see the doctor on call last week for what I thought was a urinary tract infection. In addition, those headaches that are usually gone by 20 weeks were just hanging on and in fact I had been totally unsuccessful in getting the slightest relief with my usual treatments; caffeine, extra water, Tylenol and lying down for half an hour. I also started seeing my blood sugars get a little wacky no matter what I did. That is usually a sign of infection in diabetics. I had absolutely no test results that showed a UTI, but based on my description of a fullness in my abdomen, increased urination and my blood sugars, Dr. Coombs was willing to prescribe me some Macrobid. He also gave my some Tylenol 3 which definitely takes the edge off the headaches. Within 24 hours I was feeling better, just exhausted from everything. Unfortunately the headaches do return once the medicine wears off, so today when I went in for my regular checkup I asked Max to run a Hematocrit just to double check my hemoglobin levels. Lots of time anemia will cause headaches. I am measuring in at 24 weeks which is the first time that Max has ever mentioned me measuring larger. Nothing to worry about but just something to keep an eye on as I get further along. If I remember correctly, I always measured big with Stuart and Caitlyn. It was sooooo long ago!

The past couple of weeks I have been overwhelmed with some negative comments from some friends. Usually these things roll off my back as I am very secure in my parenting choices. But I guess the side effect of all these hormones is just that the comments bother you more. I have two friends who seem to make the, "How on earth are you going to handle four?" comment every time I express some concern about something one of the kids is doing now. How do I know how I am going to handle four? I imagine the same way I have handled three! Throwing them all in the car and heading off to do whatever. With three kids between the ages of 3 and 12, they are all in different stages and acting in different ways. I certainly don't expect them to all react the same or to even behave the same in every situation. Why these other people think that having a fourth is going to add in any way to my confusion or frustration is beyond me. As soon as you chose to have a child you are bound to be confused and frustrated at some point in the 18 years you are truly raising them. What does having a fourth have to do with anything? Ok . . . vent over. I realize that everyone has different attitudes about having and raising children. They just have different ones than me and I am going to have to continue with my smile and nod campaign.

Brigid's weaning has been moving along. I am not sure that I can say it has been going well, but we are at least making progress. I decided that the easiest thing to do was to end the first one in the morning and any during the day. This of course means no dawdling in bed in the mornings which is actually a good thing. We have to hop out and hit the bricks. Not nursing during the day was approached by telling her that we were only going to nurse when it was dark outside. Of course the first night she came running in as soon as it was dark yelling, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy . . . It is dark outside." True, it was. But it was only 6pm. So we have had to change that approach a little to say that we were only nursing when it was dark outside and at bedtime. Naturally the kid hasn't taken a nap in over a week so Mom isn't getting anymore afternoon naps either. But I guess the payoff is that I am getting her weaned and maybe I will get a little time off before the baby comes. I doubt I will end the bedtime nursing before June as she is very attached to that and in reality, I am too. But if all I am nursing her is at bedtime, I will survive. Of course we have had lots of tantrums from 3pm on as the poor girl is so tired and cranky. I'm a little tired and cranky at that time myself, now that I think about it.

Lots of things going on with everyone . . . things that are just sort of adding up and raising the stress level. Stuart and Caitlyn are sensing it as well and are definitely having some behavioral issues. This is a time that I really need to hit my knees more and instead am hitting them less. Isn't it always like that? Just when we know we need to pray more, we actually pray less. I am even having a hard time working through my BSF lesson which is very unusual for me. I usually treasure that time in God's word and am able to rely on it so much to get me through the day to day annoyances and stressors. Facing this fact in writing really makes the reality of my failure to maintain my prayer time so much more real. This truly is something that I need to focus upon for the next few weeks. My peace and security need to return and to do this. I need to have some additional chats with God.

So another week is over and a new one begins. I am one week closer to the completion of our family and one week closer to the end of pregnancy. I continue to enjoy it, despite the stressful and uncomfortable week. I continue to thrive on baby movement and on my growing belly. Maybe soon I will no longer look fat, but actually pregnant!

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