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Week 26 ~ March 26, 2003
~ Is this really our last?

I have been proceeding as if this pregnancy is it for the Hickeys and although sad about it, have accepted it totally. Because of that I have treasured every second. I have focused on what is happening right now instead of what will be happening in June. Michael has discussed having another four times in the past 2 days. I cannot believe it. He was always the one who said that this was enough, that I shouldn't be doing this at 39, that he was too old. And now he wants another? I am in shock. I think it was the fun of trying for this one . . . our morning trysts while Brigid was in preschool . . . our planning out date nights and sneaking off after all the kids were asleep. I very carefully explained to him that we can do that even if we aren't trying for another child. He laughed and agreed, but still thinks that we aren't done. I am reserving judgment until this one arrives. I still have 14 weeks to go and a lot can change between now and then.

I am having so few problems in this pregnancy it does make me wonder if there is another in the future. Or is it just my whole change in attitude about being pregnant that has made it easier to bear? I have always enjoyed being pregnant, but treated it like it was an excuse for me to whine about being tired, sick, achy, stiff. Although I still have those complaints - what pregnant woman doesn't - they are no longer truly complaints . . . just another part of growing a life that is joyous to me. Yep, my hips and back are killing me in the morning. But if I just get up instead of laying in bed complaining about it, the pain disappears that much more quickly. Yep, I am exhausted at night and would love to sit down and put my feet up. But if I don't whine about it, it just makes getting into bed at night when everything is finally taken care of so absolutely delicious. And the joy of that belly finally growing and the clothes getting tight . . . I just love it. I don't mind gaining the weight. I don't mind the kicks, the wiggles, the hiccups. It is all just a wonderful gift that has been given to me to experience and how can I mind that.

I am finally beginning to look pregnant. Today I am wearing a pair of real maternity pants and they are sooooo comfortable. Almost makes me wish I had invested in a few more pairs rather than just this one pair. But as I have lamented before, regular maternity pants just don't seem to fit me. This is actually a dress pair and not a plain old pair of khakis which is what I really wanted as they are more versatile. But this makes me want to run over to the Mall and see if some of the dressier linen ones might fit me as well. I am feeling a bit more pregnant as well. I've got some of the huffing and puffing going on while I sing hymns in Church. Fortunately for those surrounding me, I don't sing loudly so the huge pauses while I catch my breath aren't noticed too much. Gardening this week has been an exercise in body manipulation. Getting down on the ground to trim all my Monkey Grass is a trick. Actually, getting down doesn't seem to be the problem. It is just getting back up. But darn it, at 26 weeks it is about time I started to look and feel more pregnant.

My gestational diabetes is in really good control. With the 10 Units of NPH at night, my fasting levels are almost always below 90. Every once in awhile I get up and it is at 95 or higher, but that is almost always when I have gotten the munchies during the night and have had a snack. This doesn't happen often and of course since it isn't a true fasting level, I don't worry too much. My one hour post parandials are all below 130 and in fact are usually much below than that at 110 to 120. Of course the real insulin resistance doesn't kick in for about another 2 weeks so we shall see what adjusting I have to do. I am still measuring above average but since I don't really hold a lot of stock in that 26cm=26weeks, I am not worried at all. I believe that Brigid was the only one of my babies that measured behind. Max is happy with the way things are going and think he is revising his original "you are sort of high risk" opinion of me.

Oh . . . I just thought of another thing I love about pregnancy. The cravings are legitimate and this means it is perfectly ok for me to run to KFC and get some Honey Mustard Chicken Strips and eat them all!

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