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Week 29 ~ April 15, 2003
~ Rough Week

Boy, I have been so sick! I have been remarkably healthy this entire pregnancy so I guess I was due and did it ever hit me. I hate being sick when I am not pregnant because Michael never seems to be home to pick up slack. It is even worse when you are pregnant, a weekend and your husband isn't home. I had to do the nursery at Church on Sunday as well and couldn't get a substitute. Fortunately the other kids also had colds so I didn't feel too badly. Everyone spent a lot of time wiping their hands off with antibacterial hand wash. I am finally starting to feel back to normal after 10 days! Hopefully that will be my last illness this pregnancy and I can go back to enjoying myself. These are the times I long for him to have a 9-5 job here in town!

At my last appointment Max and I talked about this induction issue again. I have been spending a lot of time writing things out with regards to how I feel about being induced and how I would feel if I went ahead and agreed to it, knowing my last induction was a fairly easy and uneventful one. I made him very happy when I said that I would at least think about it and was willing to pick a very loose date. As long as I am picking dates, I might as well pick a date that Max is on call and one that Michael is off. So . . . June 25th, I am scheduled to be induced. However, that is not cast in stone. Max is still willing to let me go all the way through week 40 which is July 4. Of course that brings up the whole COBRA issue again. I am just going to take deep breaths about it, not sweat it and see what the next couple of weeks bring. As my mother used to say, I am pulling a Katie Scarlett and thinking about it tomorrow. What really matters in all of this is not what I want, not what Michael wants, not what Max wants but the health of our baby girl and what is best for her. I am currently measuring about 3 weeks larger than average. Three weeks is about the edge of my comfort zone for measurements. Anymore than that and I want an ultrasound to check on fluid levels and baby size, even though I know that ultrasound measurements are not all that accurate. Fortunately, Max is in agreement with that as well. Diabetes is still in control although it has been a tad wacky with me being sick. Not that it mattered much since I wasn't eating enough to keep a fly alive and lost 5 pounds! I can't believe that I am soon to start weekly appointments and weekly non-stress tests.

I am still having a hard time with eating though, despite the fact that I am physically feeling better. I am starving when I wake up and make my sandwich, but about 1/2 hour after I eat, I start to get nauseous. This is happening with every meal. It is so frustrating. I have been trying very hard to stick to the gestational diabetes diet, but still eat the food that sounds good . . . KFC Honey Barbeque boneless wings, Smoking Smashed Potato from Steak Escape, baked potatoes with cottage cheese, artichokes and broccoli . . . all good things and all things that sound good. But regardless of this, I am not feeling good afterwards. And then it is usually several hours before I feel like eating again. My poor children haven't had a cooked meal in days. Thank goodness they are not picky eaters and will eat pretty much anything I throw at them. It has been such a struggle to come up with something for me that sounds good and is nutritious for them as well. Strawberries are in season, are agreeable and I have been eating them morning, noon and night. Good thing they are just as good sweetened with Splenda as with sugar. I don't recall that I suffered any third trimester nausea with the other three pregnancies. I hope that this is only a temporary thing more related to my rotten cold and lots of drainage than a permanent thing. I am not sure I want to spend the next 10 weeks like this.

Spring break is just around the corner. Even with all our snow days our school district will not suspend spring break. So we just go extra days in June . . . very inconvenient! The three kids and I are going to be home for 10 days by ourselves. I believe that Michael is heading off for a continuing medical education course. I think that we are going to try and take a hike on the Appalachian Trail with the girl scouts for a badge. That should be fun although they may have to leave me at the bottom! I want to spend some time getting the yard and garden ready as well. Fortunately the kids love to mow the grass and play outside so I think I can probably get them to participate in that without too much argument. Which is a good thing since I can only bend over for about 10 seconds before I lose my breath. And with over 100 Liriope to trim, that is a lot of bending. I also have to clean out all the planters from last year and we still have wood in the yard where we had to cut down two trees. I sure do love our house, but wonder if we will ever be able to get it landscaped the way I want it and keep it that way. I am always in a constant battle with the weeds. And why do they seem to live when all the rest of the plants die? I need loads of mulch again and just cannot focus on spreading it. All of a sudden gardening doesn't seem so much fun. I haven't yet decided what to do about my flowers this year. I usually plant about 100-200 annuals for color but know that no one else will water them during the summer. I also know that around the middle of May when it is time to plant here, I probably will not feel like getting on my knees and playing in the dirt. Sigh . . . maybe not planting anything this year will be a good thing. It is amazing how much pregnancy changes your views on what is important and what isn't.

I am still going through Brigid's old clothes to see if anything is going to fit this baby. It is amazing how you put those clothes away clean and when you take them back out, stains have magically appeared. How does that happen? Other than spotting and washing and folding, I have done very little to get ready for the arrival of this little one. Maybe by not doing anything, I will get to keep it longer. Silly me!

Another beautiful day and the park is calling Brigid and me. But so is my bed and a half hour nap. Wonder if I can get the three year old to cooperate?

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