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Week 31 ~ April 29, 2003
~ It's the third trimester all right!

I have absolutely no room to complain as this pregnancy has been so easy, but boy I have hit the third trimester with a vengeance this week. I have developed a sciatica issue on the right side. Fortunately a heating pad twice or three times a day really loosens that up. I cannot bend over at all without gasping for breath. Weeding seems to be out (oh what a shame!). Slip on shoes are probably going to be a real good idea for the next couple of weeks. The insomnia seems to have returned and is probably due to being uncomfortable more than anything. Since I am trying to keep Brigid from napping during the day, sleeping for me is now out as well. And am I ever out of breath after a trip through the grocery store! None of this is really a complaint mind you . . . I still love every awkward and uncomfortable moment. Every time I rest my hand on my stomach or look down and see this bump, I am so thrilled and feel so blessed!

Baby movements have changed so much over the past week as well. Seems like just last week the movements were sharp thuds and pokes. Now the movements seem to be firm and slow. I am seeing body parts sticking out and can feel things protruding as she stretches an arm or leg. Last Wednesday I woke up to huge movements which is very unusual for me. Most of the time I am not woken up by baby movement. But last week it looked like my abdomen was possessed. And sure enough, Max couldn't find the heartbeat on the right side and had to shift to the left. So she must have just turned right over. I wish that I had developed the skill of identifying what is sticking out where as some women have been able to do. Unfortunately I can never say that it is a foot or elbow. I guess it doesn't really matter. It is just a body part of some sort sticking me somewhere! Another thrill that will never go away!

My appointment last week was pretty standard. I am still a boring patient. I did gain 3 pounds in two weeks which surprised me with all my gastrointestinal issues. Must have been all baby weight because I know I didn't keep that much down! As usual we discussed blood sugar levels, baby movement, swelling, heart rate (mine and baby's), blood pressure, sleep and relaxation. And that is about it. Nothing really changes from week to week. My blood sugars are still in good control and since I am close to getting over the peak of insulin resistance, I should be in good shape for the rest of the pregnancy. I do not anticipate having to bump up my insulin levels at all. I do look forward to having a big old ice cream sundae when this is all over with.

Not much else going on. Tomorrow I attempt to hike some of the Appalachian Trail with my Girl Scout troop. I have warned all the parents to be prepared for my phone call to come and rescue me. Fortunately my co-leader loves to hike but she also recognizes that I need to take it slowly, so I imagine that we will be pausing lots to admire the wildlife and take pictures for our journal! If I can make it until the end of the hike, I have fruit smoothies and pizza to look forward to. That should keep me going!

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