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Week 34 ~ May 21, 2003
~ I'm going to have a baby!

I know . . . a little late to be figuring this out but it has really hit this week. In 5 short weeks I am going to become the mother of four, and we will be a family of six. Amazing! It literally just blows my mind that I have been all the way through this and have had such a blessed pregnancy. If only I could gift this to everyone.

Had my usual appointment and NST on Thursday and everything is just great. I told Max that I was feeling pretty big and this was the biggest I had ever been with any of my children. Despite that, many people keep remarking on how small I am. He was very reassuring and said that everything was just perfect with size so far and to put it out of my head. He wants to do another sonogram in two weeks to verify size and then of course my strep test and my first internal. I know after all this time not to put any stock in what people are saying about my size but for some reason the past two weeks it just got to me. I just really felt out of sorts about it. And I guess what really cinched it was that I had gained four pounds in a week. Of course I had been on my feet for two days straight with Girl Scouts, BSF, BSF seminars and then an afternoon doctor's appointment. Never, ever schedule an afternoon doctor's appointment after two days like that and late in pregnancy. My feet and ankles were swollen for the first time so hopefully that four pounds was water and will have slacked off to a normal weight gain this week. Max also suggested that I cut my carb intake down to see if I can get some of these wacky blood sugar levels under control. Of course cutting them down means less food and I am constantly hungry. Dinner the other night was 1 cup of rice and 1/2 cup of stir fried veggies and chicken. My blood sugar level was great but I was starving an hour later. It hasn't really seemed to make that much of a difference so I may just have to face another dose of insulin. Big admission . . . I long for a great big Peanut Butter Cream ice cream in a waffle cone from Brewsters!

Along with the realization that I only have five weeks left came lots of contractions on Sunday. I had about seven in the space of an hour and got a little panicky . . . I am not quite ready to have the baby yet. I really want to at least hit week 36 if not longer. I am not one of these women who pray they can go early to get some relief from the discomforts of pregnancy. I want those babes to cook longer so I can bring them home faster. I hit the bed and the left side and some water and actually slept for over an hour. What a luxury! When I woke up, the contractions had stopped and I felt so much better. They started up again while I was cooking dinner but never became consistent. That was the first time that it actually occurred to me that I could go early for a change. Sunday night I awoke to some very strange pains just below my chest region. I was actually panting and breathing through them and although I knew they weren't contractions, it was in the back of my mind that this could be it and I hadn't even started packing a bag. So at 2am I started throwing some things together. I had three of them about 10 minutes apart for about two minutes each. On the third one logic kicked in and I realized that there was no way they were contractions as my stomach was not tight at all. The pain was all in my upper abdomen area. When I talked to Michael about it he said that they were more than likely diaphragm spasms and were a result of my abdominal area being so distended. They were so severe that it actually left me sore the next day. I have no idea what set them off and I hope I never have another chance to find out.

So . . . five weeks left and no hospital bag and I have made no other baby preparations other than buying a few pieces of clothing. That's it! Nothing like a little procrastination. We don't do a nursery or a crib so don't have to worry about that. And since Brig is only 3 years old I don't need much, but I am pretty sure that I should probably have some diapers and wipes at home. So today I went out and wandered some stores and came home with some goodies. Briggie picked out an outfit to give the baby from her. I also got a portable swing that I can take and leave at the pool. All my babies have loved the swing and I hope that this one is no exception. Just seems like a really good idea to have a portable one that I can take to the pool so that I can still get in with Brig. During the summer that is pretty much the only place we go, so for $25, it seemed like a good investment. I also found an umbrella stroller that you can hook an infant car sear onto. I won't have any other sort of stroller but an umbrella stroller as I don't like how heavy and bulky the other kinds of strollers are. I am really debating if I "need" this but once again, getting children in and out of the pool a couple of times a day was tough even without an infant. And at this point in my life, isn't it all about things being made easy! And while I am rationalizing things - I do need a new infant car seat since Brigid's was in a car accident and shouldn't be used anymore. I also replaced my Boppy pillow and got some cloth diapers for spit rags.

And guess what . . . I am set! Once I get up in the attic and get things out of there and get some regular clothes unpacked, this baby is free to arrive. Of course just saying that has virtually assured me of going all the way to June 25th without another contraction!

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