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Week 35 ~ May 26, 2003
~ It is official!

June 25, 2003 is the day that we will be welcoming our newest family member into the world. I can't believe that it is going to be happening in less than 30 days! Max and I spent quite a bit of time talking about induction at my last appointment, and he quite understands my reluctance to do this. But I also understand that he has some concerns as well. He is concerned that I do go so fast. This is first and foremost. My last labor that was not induced was only 2 hours from first contraction to delivery. Although Caitlyn did not experience any fetal distress with that delivery, it is always a concern when you go that fast. He is also concerned about baby size. So far I am doing ok in that department and there are no signs that I am having a huge baby and I do naturally deliver larger babies, but this is something that we are watching as well. Neither one of us wants my last baby to result in a c-section. So we discussed his fears and then we discussed mine. With my last induction, I don't even think I was 1cm dilated when I went in. Yet they would not consider waiting a bit and then moving on to other methods to try and get my cervix a little bit riper. There was no discussion of Cervadil or membrane stripping, both of which I am willing to discuss to get things started naturally and with no Pitocin. Max is willing to change my date - that is my first and foremost concern. If I am not doing a thing on June 24, I don't want to have to be locked in to June 25. No problems there. If I am effacing and dilating prior to that, he is willing to try membrane stripping and a round or two of Cervadil to get things moving on their own. Phew . . .

After our discussion, I got my Group B Strep test (earlier than I thought) and my first internal. All those Braxton Hicks contractions are not doing a thing! I get so many of them and some of them take my breath away . . . I was a bit surprised. But nope . . . closed tighter than a drum. Actually, that is ok. I am only 35 weeks and am not quite ready to deliver yet. Just a little too early in my book. My NST was fine - once we woke the little darling up. Once again, a quiet and non-stressful appointment. Just the kind I like.

I am swelling just about every day though at this point. Blood pressure and urine are great and the swelling is non-pitting edema so I am still in good shape - except for the gasps I experience when I look down at my ankles and wonder if they are really mine. I'm no slim Jim to begin with but to have a small log from my knees down is pretty depressing! Oh . . . just another joy of pregnancy!

The kids and I were laying in the living room watching some mindless TV the other night and I had the remote laying on my stomach. At one point Stuart was looking at me and saw the remote jumping around of its own accord. He got a huge kick out of that. I guess since he is even older now with this pregnancy than he was when I was pregnant with Brigid, he is appreciating it even more. I hope that he will remember all of this for years to come and treat his wife the same way he treats me. He takes up laundry baskets so I don't have to carry them. He lifts Brigid all the time for me since she is getting hard to lift. Last night I was totally exhausted after our busy weekend and he took Brigid into bed with him and put her to sleep. Seems she will co-sleep with any member of our family. And I find his attitude towards breastfeeding to be totally fascinating. At the age of 12 I would expect some giggling about exposing breasts and having a baby nurse on them. But to him it is a totally natural and to-be-expected side effect of having a baby. The poor kid will never look at breasts in any other way than a source of food. Hope he marries a woman who is pro-breastfeeding. She may not have a choice in the matter!

I have pretty much completed buying everything new we may have needed for a new baby. I have some gowns, a couple of outfits, diapers, wipes, cloth diapers for burp cloths, infant Tylenol, breast pads - both disposable and cloth, and maxi-pads for me. I have started getting a suitcase together and am slowly getting things out of the attic. Most importantly I bought an outfit that Brigid picked out to give the baby and I bought some gifts for the baby to give to Brigid - lots of Dora things! All I need is a car seat and I am set.

Meanwhile, soccer is over, school is only in session for 15 more days, swimming starts tomorrow and Girl Scouts are going like gang busters! Looks like we have sold our rental house - perfect timing. But there are quite a few appointments I have to make to get that sale through. Michael left for work yesterday at both Danville (through May 31) and Halifax and won't be home until June 9. He has been offered a position with the new Danville group but they haven't shown him the formal package yet. He has also put in some CVs in a group in Richmond and an ER group in the Northern Virginia area. He has already received calls from them and is filling out paperwork. Meanwhile he is looking into a job with an Ortho group in town that would give him 8-5 days, 5 days a week (what would that be like!). AHHHHHHHH! Nothing like a little bit going on to make a mom pull her hair out.

But when I start to get harried . . . I put my hand on my stomach, take a deep breath and close my eyes, feel that movement and am reassured that at some point in June, all will come to a halt so that this family can grow to number 6. A new baby . . .just what we all need to remind us of what is truly important in our lives.

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