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Week 36 ~ June 4, 2003
~ Insomnia, heartburn, lots of stress . . . UGH!

What a week. I must have the world's most stable uterus and blood pressure if I haven't gone into labor with the week I have had. It has just been one thing after another with not very much let up in between.

We are in the midst of a sale of our rental house and have found out that it is going to cost about $6000 to get it so that the buyers are willing to buy it. Of course this means that they will have all new plumbing and a brand new heat pump system. Since this is the case, we are going to re-negotiate the price of the house since we never would have let it go for the amount we did if we had any idea the amount that would be required to get it to pass a loan inspection. I have done nothing but meet with plumbers, inspectors, heating people, call realtors, call Michael and stress about it. Hopefully we will be able to get the final estimate for the replacement heat pump today and have the realtors meet about a new price. Just knowing that the house would be closing in less than three weeks would be a huge relief.

We also lost our last ferret on Saturday. We have had Clark back and forth to the vet several times thinking that he was depressed and becoming anorexic as a result of the death of Lewis and indeed he had. There wasn't anything physically wrong with him other than depression. We brought him home Friday knowing that it was probably to die. Saturday we sat and held him all day and talked and loved on him. The vet assured us that he was in no pain and that choosing not to put him to sleep was ok, but I still feel quite a bit of guilt over this. Naturally he waited until I went to get a glass of water and brush my teeth to die by himself instead of in my lap. I found myself quite hysterical over this silly ferret and just sat and held him and cried and mourned.

Reading back over this it seems so silly that all of this has stressed me out so much, but the fact that Michael has been gone at work for so long and add the lack of cooperation from children to that and it has just been so overwhelming. I am still facing five more days before Michael gets home and I am already just bushed. In addition I have not been sleeping more than 2-3 hours a night. And when you are tired, stress just seems so much worse.

Just to add some more stress, I also received a phone call from a friend whose daughter would like to live with us for the summer. She will be working in town at a camp, but her on-campus housing fell through. So in exchange for rent, I am going to get some babysitting services. We are adding her onto our pool membership and I may be able to sneak in a nap with just me and the babe at least a couple of times this summer. That sounds great except that she needs to have access to a place to sleep by June 5. And of course this means that there was tons of moving around to do. Brigid into Caitlyn's room, Stuart into Brigid's room, Stuart's room packed away, sheets and towels and quilt located for her bed, bathroom cleaned, walls washed . . . the list was endless. But as of this morning it looks like I have a place that she can stay and at least be half way comfortable for the summer. I still have lots of piddly stuff to get the upstairs put back together, but for the most part, Kara can arrive tomorrow and have a bed and bathroom and clean sheets and towels. Pretty good accomplishment if I do say so myself.

On to the baby front . . . the important stuff. My last appointment was a 2.5 hour ordeal. My group B Strep test was negative. Yeah no antibiotics! I am still closed tight as a drum. No big surprise there. But when it came time for my NST, there was no baby cooperation in sight. Two hours later and we were still having heartbeat issues. Every single time we started to get good baby movement, we would lose the heartbeat on the recording device and would have to start all over. I ended up having a biophysical profile done as well as a sonogram to check fluid and heart rate and all is well, but what a long two hours that was. Max mentioned when he did my internal that he couldn't even reach her head and on the sonogram, we saw why. She is sitting so high that it is no wonder I am constantly pushing on my diaphragm to try and move her down. I am not surprised by how high she is. I have carried all my children that way and they don't drop until I actually start labor. No wonder I always come out of pregnancy with ribs a size larger than when I went in. Another NST tomorrow and hopefully some more cooperation. Fortunately Brigid's Godmother has been able to watch Brig last week and will again tomorrow so I don't have to try and entertain her while hooked up to that silly machine. After tomorrow, only two more formal appointments to go until the big day - three weeks from today. Seems so amazing to me.

In addition to Michael and me celebrating 15 years of marriage today (while two hours apart!) we are also trying to focus on the completion of our family. Hard to believe that after 15 years we are just now considering that our family is complete. Wonder what took so long?

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