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Entry Twelve ~ March 2007
~ It's been a year already?

Wow. Where does the time fly? I've been writing this parenting journal for 1 year now. Now I understand why people tell you it is better 'not to know the future' then to know it up front. It has been a long and difficult year, but it has had many, many happy moments too.

The saddest moment would be the loss of my mother-in-law on March 3rd. She lost her battle with lung cancer, but as my kids say she won the war. The cancer died when her body died, but she gets to live in heaven. It is a pleasant way to look at it. Her funeral was beautiful and very healing for all of us. My husband gave the most wonderful eulogy with so much strength, love, and tears. It took several weeks for us all to adjust to life after her funeral. We were sad and we were so focused on her illness and the inevitable passing that I feel like we did not know quite what to do once it was all over. We snuggled, talked, and remembered. Now, life has gone on as we go into Spring Break and I think we have all had out time to grieve, but we are comforted in the fact that she will never be forgotten.

Isabella is now 13 months and walking and climbing and into everything she can find. She loves to follow me around like a little shadow and undo what I put up or clean up. She is so funny and has a wonderful personality. My husband thinks she acts more affectionate toward him than any of the others at this age. She just lights up when he walks into the room and goes running into his arms. We found out this month that she is a little milk intolerant. She is not allergic to milk, but can't drink too much either. It upsets her stomach. She is happily drinking soy milk and eating soy yogurt for alternatives. At her one year check up she is growing normally and progressing as expected. But, since the one year appointment she won't go to any other doctor appointment without a complete screaming fit. I guess she remembers the shots. Sydney had an ear check with the doctor who put her ear tubes in a year and a half ago and Isabella screamed when the doctor walked through the door. Then I had a dermatologist appointment for some pregnancy itchy skin on my finger (which she did nothing for so it still itches) and Isabella screamed. Then today I had an OB appointment and ultrasound. Needless to say, she wore herself out by the time the hour and a half appointment was over. I think I am going to get a sitter for the next appointment.

My pregnancy is going great. That would probably be my biggest 'no way' if I was to peer into the future and see where I would be in 1 year. My mother-in-law would have to be a close second. But, I truly did not think I would be 6 1/2 months pregnant after writing Isabella's birth story 1 year ago. But I am now 26 weeks along and the baby is growing and she is very healthy. As I said earlier I had an ultrasound today. Baby Kate (as we call her) is measuring large. I think they will move my due date to 6/30 instead of 7/8. I would not mind; Isabella was 9 pounds 13 ounces. I think that is about as big as I would like to go. The baby Kate is kicking all the time. The kids have not had the chance to feel her, but she is strong enough that if they would be patient, they definitely would feel her move and jab. I am getting all sorts of questions from Sydney. She is really interested. Sometimes when I don't respond to her questions right away, Maria or Alex tells her the answer. They are like little pros at this all now.

Alex is entering his last 9 weeks as a first grader. Soon, it will be summer. I can't believe how the time has flown. I dug the spring/summer clothes out of the attic the other day and he can't fit into a single thing. He is growing so fast he can't go from one season to the next. Now that he wears a size 8-10 clothes and his feet are a 5; I would hope he will make it a little longer this next time around. His last summer's clothes were a 7. He does not have an ounce of fat on him, but he can't get the pants buttoned. So, I guess we have to go shopping.

Maria and Sydney are both enrolled in pre-school for next fall. Maria is also in her final weeks of school and excited to be going back next year. Sydney is saying she is not going to school right now. I'm not worried. They all have gone running in the door on their first day, so I am sure she will be no different. Maria has blossomed so much this year in school. I would consider her the shyest of the group and she needs extra encouragement in order to stand in front of the class and talk. I think the extra year of pre-school will greatly benefit her. It will also make her a little older in the class which is good for someone who is a little meek. Sydney is changing every day. She was always the tom-boy of the girls. Now she is turning into the girliest (is that even a word?). She likes to play outside with a tiara, a princess dress, and play earrings. She gets upset when she gets mud on her hands now, and I think she is beginning to shy away from worms. Last year, she was making mud pies out of sand and bubbles, which included stirring it all by hand. She would put the mud on her face, her hair, and of course her clothes. I have had to either bleach or throw out many of her play clothes. She is sure changing.

My husband is also doing very well. He is really happy with his new job. It has him busier then usual as he leaves the office to come home and work again, but I can see that 'fire' in him that I have not seen in a while. I think all the extra hours are also helping him to keep his focus forward and helping him with the loss of his mom.

That is about it for the meantime. We are excited to have a new play set in our backyard. The old one was here when we moved in and had given the kids each too many splinters. We decided it was better to buy new than fix and replace what needed done to the old one. I'll enclose a first picture of the kids playing in the rain and the mud. It was a warm rain, but I had to take the picture through the screen because I could not take the camera outside.

Have a WONDERFUL month! Take a moment to look back on your year like I have. It is truly amazing. Hope you find those special moments to cherish for ever.


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