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Entry 13 ~ April 2007
~ Welcome Spring!

This month has flown. I can't believe it is the last day all ready. It has been a wonderful month as we slowly get back into the groove of things and prepare for this new baby and summer. I am surprised how the healing process from the death of my mother-in-law is still happening. I guess, not that I thought we would have just moved on by now, but I thought we would be further along. I think we have all taken our time to reflect on the past many months and are amazed how we stayed strong and got through. I ran across emails that I did not delete from her back in December. My husband ran across her phone number stored in our home phone. He was able to delete it, yet I have not deleted her emails. I guess I should. Then the other weekend we were watching a slide show from my husband's computer and every time a picture of her came up, it almost sent a shock through my body. As if I was not expecting to see her. But a dear friend of mine put it all into perspective; she said it is Joyce's little ways of telling us she still loves us. That is nice to hear.

My OB appointment went well the other week. I passed my glucose screenings and my iron is fine. Everything seems to be going very well with the baby. The baby is measuring large, so the doctor talked about doing another ultrasound closer to the end to try to determine a weight. Possibly they will induce me a week or so early to try to prevent a super large baby. Isabella was 9 pounds 13 ounces. I truly don't want to go much, if any, bigger than her.

I'm starting to get tired again and my sciatica is beginning to act up. So I can tell we are rounding the bend and getting into the last two months of pregnancy. But, all and all I have no real complaints so far. My belly is huge and there is no question that I am pregnant. The funniest thing is when I take all four kids out and I look like this. People just look and count. The nicer ones come up and talk to me. Others just ask if all the kids are mine. I don't understand how people can ask that. Even if I wondered that, I could never ask that to someone.

Easter was a lot of fun. My aunt and uncle, my cousin and her two girls, and my parents came to celebrate. We went to church, had an Easter egg hunt, a treasure hunt, and ate lots of food. I probably ate more then I needed to, but it was good. The same group get together for Thanksgiving also and we all divide up the meals, so it makes it easy on the host (which is usually me), and every one else. This year I bought the ham and all the rest was provided by every one else. It was a cold day though. I did not wear the spring dress I bought, but the girls wore their Easter dresses with warm coats. All bundled up they were perfectly fine, sandals and all.

The weather is much warmer now and we have again moved onto daily baths. One time they got two in one day in order to just come inside and be able to sit on the furniture. And trust me; with two huge dogs and four kids, I'm not too particular. They were so muddy and sandy I had to send them right upstairs to take a bath. I can honestly tell you they all love worms, dirt, mud, digging, climbing, and picking dandelions for me. I've had beautiful vases of dandelions in my kitchen all month.

For spring break the kids and I went to visit my parents. My husband's job is still too new, so he stayed behind, worked, and took care of the dogs. We had a lot of fun. Sometimes a change of venue is all it takes to spark you back up. The kids had other adults to play with and love on. I got to slow down a little. And the company was perfect. We had plans to visit the dairy farm, a favorite of my kids, where you can buy ice cream and pet and feed the goats, but it stayed too cold, windy, and rainy. We will have to go on our next visit. Then on Friday, Isabella and I went back to Indiana and left the other three with my parents for a trip to the Air force Museum and to see Charlotte's Web.

I've been slowly getting back into my little bit of jewelry and rosary making. I took some time off after Christmas. Then with Joyce getting sick and traveling to see her, I never picked it back up. But, I have 60 rosaries on order that I must get finished by the end of the month. I find the beading very relaxing.

That is about it for the month. I hope you are all enjoying Spring! Get outside and play!

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