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Entry 15 ~ June 29, 2007
~ One Day and Counting!

Well the exciting news is tomorrow at 5:30 am I am going into the hospital to have this baby! She is again measuring large and the doctor recommended an induction. He said I did not have to, but with the size of the other babies, I should probably consider it. I had no problems making that decision. I am truly ready to have this baby here. Within the past two weeks I've been getting really uncomfortable, even to walk through the grocery store.

summer funBrian showed a little emotion about the baby the other night. Not that he has not before, but I saw the connection between this little one and his mom. It was a connection I always thought of with all the things that would happen at the exact same time between my pregnancy and her illness and our naming the baby after her too. After the doctor recommended the June 30th date, Brian said he really needs another June baby. He would have never said that before if the baby was not ready. I looked at him and could see he was referring to his mom's birthday that was also in June. He commented that June is empty now without her. So, it all works out. He said he wants to nickname this baby his "June Bug." I thought that was sweet. I hope with the week off work with all of us and spending all this upcoming time with baby Kate, he will find some healing time for his mom also. I just don't feel he has allowed that yet. But, we all heal differently and from talking with other people, it is a wound not often ever gone, but only tucked away.

MariaJust like last month with a 'first' in the family - Sydney's self haircut - this month we seem to be doing the same. Maria had the first stitches out of the kids, and honestly I would have never picked her to be the first. With all the jumping, playing, climbing, and digging, I thought for sure it would have been Alex and I thought it would have happened long before now. Maria was playing outside near the fence with the horse when she slipped and fell on a rock. The rock was not sharp, it was just the way she hit it. She needed 3 stitches. She was so brave through it all. I was really proud of her. The only tears were when the injury first happened. All the rest she was super brave. I think the blood was the scariest part for her because it really bled all down her leg. My cousin took the other 3 because she could help before Brian could and Maria and I went off to Urgent Care. We were in and out in less then an hour, went to pick out some favorite band-aids, and then for an ice cream cone afterwards before picking the other 3 back up. Alex was in such a fright. He was really concerned about Maria and was desperately waiting to see she was okay.

AlexMy parents took the three oldest for a week to spoil them and take them swimming. They had a great time. They left me with Isabella since she still naps. Isabella was not too thrilled about losing all her siblings. She was the crankiest and most irritable she has ever been. When we reunited the family once again, Isabella was so thrilled. She played and played outside with them allowing them to fight over who got to sit next to her, who got to slide with her, and who got to push her on the swing. She was eating up all the attention and everything returned to normal in my house. She is just at that age where she does not understand why they are missing. At all times at least one of them has been with her. But, mainly since she stopped breastfeeding and began walking, she has really become a not just a little sister, but a friend and playmate to them.

Isabella and SydneyAlex and Maria went to our church for a bible school. They had so much fun. It was called Avalanche Ranch. They are still singing all the songs at the top of their lungs. They have even taught Sydney the lyrics and she pipes in also. Alex has a Cub Scout camp in two weeks. It seems timed just perfectly for him. He will get out of the house the week after the baby comes home to be with the boys. Brian will camp out with him on that Friday also and Alex is really looking forward to that alone time with dad.

I have plenty of help drafted for when the baby is here. Brian always stays with me the entire time in the hospital and then takes the first week off work. So, he can wait on me and take care of the rest of the kids. Then my mom comes in town for two weeks. Then my mom continues to come back a few days a week tapering it down and seeing how I am adjusting. I think all will be fine though. As each baby comes, it seems to get easier. I know that sounds really strange, but it does. I don't know if it is just because some are getting older or I am used to the organized chaos and I flow with it all easier. Either way, I think all will go just fine.

I'll make sure to get some pictures off to you all after the big day. As for now, I have some 'nesting' to do. Take care!

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