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Entry 20 ~ April 27, 2008
~ Hanging in There

Heather and kidsHello . . .

We are hanging in there after all of the happenings of this past year. My husband is the executor of his dad's estate and we've been busy traveling back and forth from Ohio to settle things over there. I don't feel like we are very far though. We've cleaned out most of his house, but we are still waiting on the attorney to get the paperwork so we can actually sell the house. In the meantime his mortgage, electric, and such are all due. The estate bank account has just now been opened and the bank is holding the bank checks for the banks that we closed out. Ok. I thought bank checks were essentially cash, but I try not to fret. It wastes too much negative time.

With all these changes and deaths in my husband's family he has decided he needs more time at home also. So, he is off work now and actively pursuing another career avenue that will allow him more time at home with all of us. I'm struggling with the loss of the career he (we) sacrificed, moved, and worked so far to achieve for all these years to end all of a sudden. To know a pay cut is in order and a loss of 'status.' I guess the status is a rather petty thing to even care about, and I don't really. I just feel a loss of my ground and don't know what to cling to right now.

In the month plus since I wrote, we've dug out of the snow and are welcoming sunny, warmer days. Sydney who loves dresses is just thrilled to get to wear dresses and no tights. Lucy, my newly fostered dog (father-in-law's dog) is working out great. She is adjusting to our life vs. a life with a single man. Surprisingly, I think she really likes all the extra action and attention. Lego's calmness probably helps her too. She is reassured by him. Basketball has ended and baseball has started for Alex. And school is rounding towards the end. I can't believe summer break is just around the corner now.

I am sorry this is a short update, but I did not want to keep waiting. I wanted you all to know we are fine.

PS . . . Baby Kate is crawling all over and is thrilled to have this new freedom!

~ Heather

Maria Sydney Isabella Baby Kate

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