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Entry 21 ~ June 14, 2008
~ I LOVE my husband home!

Alex, Maria, Sydney, Isabella, KatelynnThings are looking up around here. I don't know if it is my inability to allow this past year to bring me down, or if it is just my faith in the fact all things happen for a reason. My husband is still unemployed, but actively searching as of last week. He really needed some healing time off. Our relationship, although always strong, has blossomed even more. Isn't if funny how when you get married you think you'll never be able to love someone more than that day, but add years, kids, happy times, and the challenges of sad times and your love has the ability to deepen to a level you never knew was there. We 'flirt' again, and it is so nice to see his smile, something that has been missing with all his heartache. He has helped so much with the kids and I feel like a team at home once again. He is at every baseball game; on the field coaching all the little ones. He volunteers for me to run out without the kids while he handles the home front. He does the odd jobs that I never expect him to do. He has gone on field trips with both Maria and Sydney's classes at school, driven the pre-school car pool, picked up groceries, taken Alex to a doctor visit, organized and cleaned out the garage - something I don't do. He has taken time to ride his motorcycle and find pleasure in small things again. Seeing him happy has made me happy. It has been a long time of me handling the home front while he worked and handled all the additional outside stresses in his family. I almost can't describe how wonderful it is to have him here, healing and re-bonding with all of us. It has been a wonderful reward for a very difficult year.

Maria, Alex and SydneyWe took some time to vacation at our cabin in the mountains and are planning another trip before Brian goes back to work. We had so much fun playing, hiking, exploring, and playing in the creeks. Thank goodness we have a washer and dryer, every time the kids went outside, they came back in for another set of clothes because the old ones were wet or muddy! Although we have a TV and satellite, we never turned it on. Although Alex brought his I-pod and DS, he never got them out. Although we had a phone, it never rang. It was WONDERFUL! I can't wait to go back. I'll add some pictures of my muddy crew for you to enjoy. We took the dog too. They also had a great time running around and playing with the kids.

We've put my father-in-law's home up for sale and have done most of the prep work behind getting it ready and cleaning it out. The only thing left will be to actually move the large items out when it sells. For now, the furniture is staying in it so it shows better. It has shown well and there might be an offer in the works on it already.

AlexThis week is the end of school for Alex! Next year he will be in 3rd grade. It seems amazing. I signed him up for tackle football in the fall, and Maria and Sydney are signed up for soccer. This fall will be our first experience with 3 kids in sports that have 2-3 practices/games per week. It might be a little crazy, but it will be good practice for when we have 5 involved in sports. I did make a plea to the Soccer League to have the girls on the same team to make it a little easier, but I have not heard back as of yet.

Maria and Sydney are finished with school as of a few weeks ago. Maria goes onto Kindergarten at the same school Alex goes to and Sydney has one more year of pre-school. Maria is really excited to ride the bus with Alex and he surprisingly is excited about it as well. He is planning on sitting with her; we'll see if that is still his plan by the fall.

MariaI am doing really well. I still have a sense of taste difference since my throat/nose surgery in January, but the doctor gave me a prescription mouth swish that should solve the problem. Now, I just have to remember to do it. I've already forgotten for a week now. It does not taste good and I keep saying to myself 'I'll take it next' and then subconsciously forget. So, I must get working on it harder. Again, I feel so rejuvenated by having all this extra time with Brian home. We are so happy and Alex laughs and calls his dad "Romeo." We don't display inappropriate affection in front of the kids, but we do express our love enough so they know what love is. There is no doubt in our kids' minds that their parents love each other.

The next 6 weeks are going to be a whirlwind of Vacation Bible School that on a weakness, I volunteered to be on stage heading it all up. What? Well, I have lots of work to do before next Monday. Then Alex, Maria, and Sydney get separate weeks with my parents alone that we call 'alone weeks.' We are hoping to go back to the mountains in there somewhere. Katelynn will be 1 year old at the end of June! Maria's birthday is right around the corner and she'll be 6. We've already booked a party at build-a-bear for her. Then the kids and I are going on a family reunion to the U.P. of Michigan for a week. Then school will be staring up again about 3 weeks after that with ice cream socials.

Hope you enjoy the end of the school year and the beginning of summer! Get out those sprinklers, popsicles, sunglasses, and hats!

~ Heather

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