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Entry Five ~ August, 2006
~ Isabella is almost 6 months old!

IsabellaI can't believe Isabella is going to be 6 months old on the 7th. I knew time was flying, but this is almost ridiculous. She sat up the other day and was so proud of herself. She still needs to strengthen so she can sit up for a longer period of time, but she saw the benefits of sitting up. I also fed her rice cereal two nights ago. She loved it! She even used her hands to push the food in her mouth. I had to stop her from over stuffing herself. She has gone through a few weeks of waking up again in the middle of the night. I thought by feeding her more often she was probably bringing in a larger milk supply for a 6 month growth spurt. But, after a while I felt like the milk was in and she was still hungry. So, I broke out the food. She slept through the night once again after the first feeding. Guess the little girl needed some substance in her belly to sustain her through the night.

Although this is summer, it has come with its share of colds. I used to almost brag how healthy my kids were, but I feel like I live in the quarantine house and need to tell people not to associate with us. In one month we've had the intestinal virus that spread through the entire house. Then when I thought that was gone we went right into the runny nose and cough that traveled through the girls. Isabella ended up with an ear infection due to the congestion. Then just this weekend I had 2 with a slight fever, both threw up once, and now one has a sore throat. UGGH! I've cleaned. I promise, I've cleaned, sanitized, and cleaned again, but it just keeps circling around.

Going along with the 'sick' month, Maria's horse birthday party had to be postponed due to her throwing up on her birthday. I felt sorry for her. She was really looking forward to the party. So, in its place we had a family party. Then the following week we celebrated her birthday with the horse party. We were going to play horse shoes at the party, but it was raining outside. And we were going to bob for apples, but I thought the quarantine kids should not be mixing germs with all our invitees. So, we had a treasure hunt filled with clues that they ran around our house locating. At the end of the hunt they got their party bags. So, all and all it was a fun time even though it was postponed and raining. Maria was happy and that is all that matters.

Maria and SydneyOur neighborhood had a fourth of July kids' parade on the 4th. The kids decorate their bikes and ride around the neighborhood following a fire truck. At the end we all meet at the park in our neighborhood and the kids get prizes, cotton candy, popsicles, and play. We decorated Alex, Maria, and Sydney's bikes. But, Sydney left her tricycle about 4 houses down the street from our house and jumped in the double stroller. She wanted to ride instead. That evening we took the kids to the local fireworks. Even Isabella enjoyed them. Her eyes were as wide open as she could get them while she watched all the colors. We parked far enough away so they could not feel the huge booms of the explosions.

I've gone on a self improvement phase since last month. My cousin and I started a diet together. I also am going to the gym 4 days a week and even hired a personal trainer for a few sessions to give me some tips and a work out plan to help me shed almost 70 pounds (safely while breastfeeding). I see slight improvements all ready in only 2 weeks, so I am excited to keep it up. It is a long haul, but I figure time always passes, it is just what you do with that time that makes the difference. It might take until next February or longer to reach my goal, but February will come whether or not I try to improve my weight/health or not.

I ended up painting all the white trim in my house and did some touch up painting on all the downstairs walls. The house looks much better. I redecorated the small downstairs bathroom, bought new furniture for the family room and moved the existing couch and chair into the den. The house looks like it has had a small facelift and now we have so much more usable space. I have plans for the upstairs next, but I think I'll wait a little while to begin that project.

Sydney (my 3rd) jumped out of her crib this month. So, I took off the front rail and she loves her new bed. She hasn't even fallen out, which surprised me. I temporarily moved Maria into the nursery with her to see if they could room nicely together. It has worked out wonderfully. In the fall when I can open windows, I will move both girls into Maria's original bedroom, paint it, and finally move Isabella into the nursery (who is right now in Maria's room).

Feeding the goatsMy husband took some time off work this month and we went to visit my parents. Brian and Alex headed to Kings Island (amusement park) for 2 days and my mom and the girls played, shopped, and had a good time. We took the girls to their favorite Jersey farm for ice cream and feeding goats. They LOVE feeding the goats. And there is nothing better then a farm on a 95 degree humid day.

School is going to start soon and I think I am glad my life will get more on schedule once again. Alex is starting football, he wants to try cub scouts, and his Religious Ed classes will start back up. Maria is going to pre-school and I am going to sign her up for gymnastics. Sydney and Isabella get mom for now.

Have a wonderful rest of the summer!

Oh, by the way the bedtime routine I made and implemented last month up is working like a charm!

This month's tip training your child to riding a bike!
I wish I could take credit for this tip, but I can't. But, I have seen it work and I will definitely train my girls how to ride a bike using this method. Alex learned the hard way . . . peddle, peddle, faster, faster, CRASH - method. Anyway, this is how you do it. First, take the training wheels off the bike. Then take the pedals off the bike. Yes, the pedals. Have your child practice 'gliding' on the bike for a week or two. Let them gain their confidence and learn how to balance on the bike. Then when they are ready, add the pedals. They will be riding a bike on their own that night! And the best part . . . much less crashes! Good Luck!

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