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Entry Six ~ September, 2006
~ School Begins

August brought with it better health, the start of school, and flag football.

IsabellaAugust was a great month. Isabella is sitting up and playing for as long of a period as she wishes. She has crossed onto that next step and is so happy for it. She is laughing and giggling, especially at Sydney, and really getting into the mix of the family nicely. She is down to 2-3 naps a day, one being longer. And she is sleeping pretty much through the night. The doctor had me start solids and she can't seem to get enough. She even likes peas, which none of the other kids did. I think she is actually just thrilled to be eating when we eat at night. She always looked at us rather longingly and wondered what it was she was missing. She has 2 bottom teeth and now is cutting a side top tooth. I'm not sure if I am supposed to worry where the 2 middle top teeth are. I'm trying not to, but I find myself looking every day for a little sign that they will cut through. My son was missing one bottom front tooth, but he does have a permanent one. Kind of odd, I guess.

AlexFirst grade started with a bang and Alex is just thrilled beyond belief. Apparently, there is a huge differenced between Kindergartners and 'Graders' - as he now calls himself. They have a different playground, they have lunch, and I guess they are not on the bottom of the totem pole, so to speak. His reading and math skills have just flourished. I am shocked at the words he does not even hesitate to attempt and gets correct.

Alex chose Flag Football instead of soccer this fall. It is more of a commitment then soccer. I did not know this until 'after' the fact. He practices every Tuesday, Thursday, and has a game on Saturday. It keeps him busy. It keeps us busy. I just can't imagine flash forwarding many years and having all 4 in some type of sport. It will be busy.

MariaMaria started pre-school last week. She also loves it. They have curbside drop off and pick up - I love that part. And she loves that she gets to pack her lunch every school day and eat with her friends. She will begin gymnastics in October and is asking me almost every day when it will begin. I chose to postpone signing her up for this last 8 week session to try to balance football and gymnastics a little better and allow the kids a few free evenings to play what they want.

SydneyThat leaves Sydney. With the flux of her older brother and sister returning to school I was hopeful that she would take on the big sister role and consider potty training or something remotely 'big girl' like. But, she has once again regressed. She even wants to eat the baby's food. She already wears her bibs, sits in the swing, sits in the bouncy seat, and curls up on my lap and tells me to call her 'baby Sydney.' I just did not imagine she would still be taking to the adjustment so long. In addition, she has been tuning my 6th sense abilities to know when she is quiet - she is in trouble. Just today she got into a tube of toothpaste and had half of it squirted on the carpet before I intervened. Last week she took off running through a parking lot laughing. Then a short stop in the bank, and she screamed the entire time. I love her, but she has to be my worst terrible 2. I can't wait to see what the 3's hold for in store for me.

That is about it. Like I said in the beginning, we have finally all fought off the summer bug and so far even though school is back in, we have avoided any nasty colds either. The month has been packed full of getting ready for school, starting school, buying things for school, and adjusting to new routines. I am happy to be back on a schedule.

Have a WONDERFUL month!

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