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Entry Seven ~ October, 2006
~ We've Got Teeth!

IsabellaYeah! I'm so pleased to report Isabella does have teeth. Last month, I was concerned because she had cut a side tooth on top and there were no signs of any front teeth. Well, after about a week of almost sleepless nights due to her teething 5 teeth at once, she does have all the necessary 8 front teeth! I don't know what that was such a concern of mine; it is really minor on the list of concerns, but I guess it just bothered me. Isabella is just inches away from crawling also. She has figured out how to sit and spin. She can reach and roll. And she gets her body up into the crawling position minus the back legs. But, if she really wants something and it is somewhat close, she can get it.

That brings me to her eating plastic the other week. It was so scary. I had a mom's meeting at church and the kids go into the nursery to be babysat for the few hours we meet. Apparently there was a small piece of plastic within reach of Isabella. It was kind of like the type of plastic you rip off when you open a package of Easy Mac noodles. It was harder, but yet not like a hard plastic toy either. Anyway, after I picked her up she began to choke. She gasped for air; she intently looked into my eyes as if to ask for help. I instinctively swiped my pinky finger through her mouth and found the plastic, but I could not reach it. I felt like I was only pushing it further down her throat and she was beginning to panic with my hand in her mouth. So, I turned her over my lap with her head down and began to pat her back to help remove it. It did not work since it was not actually lodged in her throat and blocking any air. She gave one more cough and then ended up swallowing it. I watched her diapers and she did end up passing it the next day, so all was fine. But it sure scared me. My hands were sweaty and shaky after it was all over with and I'll never forget the look she gave me. I did tell the nursery provider and now Isabella sits on a blanket with toys and is not on the carpet.

First grade and preschool are going great. Alex and Maria just LOVE school. We do homework every night and have a great routine down that we all enjoy. Football is more then half over and now gymnastics if getting ready to start for Maria and Sydney. Alex will have scouts to look forward to also. That will bring us all the way up to the holidays. It will keep us busy, but not too busy.

Sydney is showing a few signs of wanting to be a 'big girl.' She likes to help me with Isabella and likes to play with her. I've noticed when Sydney is tired she reverts back to wanting to be the baby again. I'm not too concerned right now. I know she will not start Kindergarten with a pacifier and a diaper. She will give up her securities. I still think right now is not quite the time. This new baby was much harder on her then I expected. We have enjoyed our time together when Maria and Alex are in school.

Halloween is about a month out and my kids are set with their costumes. I don't think I've ever had them so early before. This year we bought 2 new and 2 from the second hand store. By the way, if you've not ever checked out the second hand store for costumes - you must go. I have a store here that is very particular as to what they buy from people. The costumes don't look like they were ever worn. You can get the outfits so inexpensively. We got a beautiful pink dragon with a bow and wings for Sydney for $8.00. Isabella is going to be a $7.50 Hershey's Kiss. Alex got a new suit of Superman and Maria got a new plush Scooby Doo outfit. So, I saved some money. I'll get some pictures after Halloween for you all.

I've gone crazy. Really. I must not think I am busy enough because I've started my own religious jewelry company. I also do non-religious things like mother's bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. I don't know if you can call it a company, but I have sold quite a bit in one month. I have to keep it somewhat small, but I'm really having a good time. Making jewelry and rosaries is such a great relaxation for me. People ask me when I have time to do it while raising four kids. But, I make the time. I design them when the kids are napping or in bed and the kids also join in on the fun. I bought them their own beads and boxes and they will sit right next to me creating and stringing also. Right now I have 29 rosaries, 6 rosary bracelets, and a pair of earrings to make. I guess I better get busy.

I've started a new column for StorkNet on Parenting Tips. By no means am I any type of expert, but I am living, surviving, and enjoying parenting 4 young kids. I'm just a mom like all of you. But, I thought there might be a few tips out there that I could share with you as you as go through your days too. Many of them I've learned by trial and error. Some I've adapted in order for things to run more smoothly in the house. Others, I've picked up from wise and wonderful mothers. So, look for it to start soon.

Fall is approaching. The crisp air is starting to change the color of the leaves. We have pumpkins to carve, mums to plant, and soon will have leaves to rake (and piles to jump in). Have a fun and wonderful month! And HUG those kids!

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