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Entry Eight ~ November, 2006
~ Pregnant Again?

Well, from the title I think you can see that we are happy to tell you we are expecting our fifth child in late June or early July 2007. It is a little sooner than I had thought it would happen, but it must be the little sign from God to keep us focused because we have had our share of fears lately.

This has been a stressful month. My dear mother-in-law (yes, I truly mean ‘dear’ I really have the nicest mother-in-law) was diagnosed with cancer. We’ve been on edge all month as she has traveled back and forth from doctor to doctor getting the diagnosis and prognosis. It is rather advanced and has already spread, but none of us are giving up hope at all. If there is one person I know who has a strong will to live and strength to do it, it would be my mother-in-law. I truly believe your mind-set is the largest obstacle to overcome in the battle. And with some good news that the cancer that spread to her brain is very small and the doctor doesn’t see why he can’t completely get rid of it, all the sprits of the family has soared.

Isabella is crawling! Free at last, she says. She has known how to creep on her belly, and flip back and forth across the room for a while now, but now she really crawls on hands and knees. Today I caught her playing quietly in the toy closet. She was having such a great time checking out all the things she has never seen before. You have to be careful now to watch for her. She will sneak up behind you. An entire new door has opened to her.

Sydney is potty trained! I was not sure if that would ever happen, but one day she showed interest and I simply told her there were no more diapers. She has had a few mistakes and taken to the changes wonderfully. She also has lost her attachment to her favorite blanket. I truly saw her taking that blanket to college, but I guess she has figured out she is too big for it. Now we don’t have to go out with a dirty, stinky blanket in tow. Yippee!

Maria loves gymnastics. She is so proud of herself and I even see some improvement in her skills. I signed her up for another 8 week session to keep her busy through the winter. She has spent so many years watching Alex play sports; she is thrilled to have the spotlight on her this time. Alex had a day off for fall break and even got to watch her. He was so encouraging and happy for her.

Alex’s parent/teacher conference at school could not have gone better. My husband got to go so the teacher was really pleased to see a dad there. I stayed home with the kids and anxiously waited his return. The conferences are supposed to be 15 minutes, but she and Brian talked for over 30 minutes on their theories in teaching and raising good kids. My husband loves to talk about his kids. Academically, Alex is doing great. I thought he was, but it is nice to hear it again. But it was his trustworthiness, and other core values that Brian and I are even more proud of. You can teach a child to score decent on a test, but you can only hope you have shown them ‘why’ to be honest, trustworthy, and kind to others. The moment they walk out that door they are on their own. Society will try to steer them in many different directions with bad friends to influence them, or great friends to guide them. For a first grader Alex seems to have a good handle on those values. I could not be happier. I know there will be bumps, but I am very proud of his growth.

As for me and my new pregnancy, I’m feeling good. So far I am not nauseous and am about 7 weeks along. I know it can still come on, but am hoping I missed it this time around. I honestly feel I’ve paid my dues with all 3 girls. With Isabella I was green from the moment I woke through the night time sleeping. It felt like the longest 12 weeks of my life. Were we expecting a fifth child? At sometime, yes. Both of us had mentioned we would like another child eventually. Honestly, I wanted to get some of this baby weight (of the other four) off, but after the initial shock, I was immediately happy it was happening now. I look at the closeness of Isabella and this baby as a blessing. The two of them will be so close in age and Isabella won’t regress like Sydney did because she’ll really not know life without this little baby. I also think it is a boy. Who knows why? Maybe because I did not have morning sickness with Alex and with each girl it came on earlier and earlier and I got sicker and sicker. Brian and the kids are very happy. Alex is doing the ‘please let it be a boy dance’ and the girls are trying to name the little person. I think they both are wishing for a dog? Of course Isabella does not really know, but I think there is some kind of notice to my changes. Her siblings have been telling her she will not be the baby anymore. So, our family continues to grow. I will definitely have to figure out how to get on top of my laundry now. Seven is a large family. I am going to continue to breastfeed, but was asked by the OB and my Pediatrician to quit at the second trimester. I am thinking of pumping and storing to allow Isabella a year’s worth of breast milk.

OH, I almost forgot – Halloween was great! My husband even dressed up and we all walked around the neighborhood together. My parents came in town and got the honor of passing out our candy to all the kids.

Have a fantastic month!

Alex Maria
Sydney Isabella

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