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Paula's Pregnancy After Infertility Journal
Paula (42) and her husband, Jeff (41), have a beautiful daughter, Julia (6), conceived without difficulty. Unfortunately, conceiving their second child was difficult after a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Disease and unexplained infertility. Following an attempted IUI, an IVF cycle, surgery to remove a fibroid and uterine septum, and two unsuccessful IUIs, Paula conceived during a hiatus from treatment. She delivered a healthy baby girl despite Gestational Diabetes on August 31, 2006 at 37.5 weeks.

Paula's Journal Entries

Meet Paula!

Week 5
Why ask why? Or in my case, "How?"

Weeks 6 - 10
I thought each one is supposed to be different!

Week 11
"Big Sister"

Week 12
The news is out!

Week 13
Graduation and a new doctor or two

Week 14
A Laid Back Week

Week 15
A bit of this and that

Week 16
Baby Shower, Bee Balm & Barbie

Week 17
Overactive Imagination

Week 18

Week 19
The Bad, The Good, The Forgetful

Week 20
Half Way There!

Week 21
Three Strikes

Week 23
Memorial Day Weekend

Week 24
Breathing a Sigh of Relief

Week 25
Our Working Vacation

Week 26
Cherry pies & bee balm! Summer's here!

Week 27
Progress is happening

Week 28
The 4th of July, bike riding and Braxton Hicks

Week 29
Gestational Diabetes

Week 30

Week 31
It's really not so bad

Week 32
Just a little nervous

Week 33
Moving right along

Week 34
An odd ending to an uneventful week

Week 35
No! No! It's too soon!

Birth Story
Meet Amelia Marie

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