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Paula's Pregnancy After Infertility Journal

Weeks 6 - 10
~ I thought each one is supposed to be different!

Aren't pregnancies supposed to be different from each other? So far, this one is really similar to my first. I have been tired, but I wouldn't describe it as exhausting. I have heard lots of women say they hit the bed at 7pm and don't wake up until the next morning. That's not me. I will get very fatigued around dinnertime and then suddenly get a second wind and I can stay up until 11pm.

Queasiness . . . with Julia, I'd start to feel sick around 3pm every afternoon, but my mornings were spared. This pregnancy I've started to feel bad by late morning. That can certainly put the kibosh on one's day. I had one bright spot last Saturday, which gave me hope. I didn't feel sick in the morning and it started up around three in the afternoon. I was hoping that I'd turned a corner, but that was not to be. I've since returned to my full day nausea.

Spotting and cramping . . . this is the similarity I'm most concerned about. I have had brown spotting nearly the entire first trimester just like Julia's. Sensitive cervix? No one can say for certain. If I walk a little too much or do some cleaning around the house, my uterus begins to cramp. The other day after vacuuming three bedrooms (seriously, that's not a lot and they're not that big!) I started to feel the telltale tightening rather like Braxton Hicks. I took a break on the couch and could feel my uterus harden up. As I looked at my belly, a lump the size of a lemon appeared on the left side of my lower abdomen. That freaked me out and warranted a call to the RE's nurse. It didn't happen again. Irritable uterus? Who knows?

What concerns me most is that with Julia, I started pre-term contractions at 23 weeks, was in and out of the hospital several times to stop them and at 32 weeks put on bed rest. I'm really worried that this pregnancy will follow the same path.

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