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Week 12
~ The news is out!

We left Wednesday for a week long trip to Gaithersburg, MD. Jeff and I sell elegant depression glassware and we were setting up at a show that weekend. We'll see many of the same people at another show in June, so it's kind of like an extended family of sorts.

Setting up and taking down are tough. Just imagine packing your house for a move and doing it twice in a weekend. We brought approximately thirty 66-quart Rubbermaid containers full of glassware! When we packed it back up, we had six empty tubs so it was quite a successful show.

This is the first time I've done a show pregnant and I needed to be taking it easy, so Jeff did all of the hauling and lifting of tubs. I tried to stay seated while unpacking and packing and for the most part did ok. I had some uterine tightening - I'd call them contractions because they were painless - but other than that, things were ok.

The reactions we received ran the gamut from excited enthusiasm to shocked silence to an elderly dealer calling Jeff a "fool." Not quite sure what that was about, but we considered the source and dismissed it. His wife on the other hand is a doll and couldn't have been sweeter when we told her. A lot of folks admitted that they were wondering, but just weren't sure. I've just started to show a bit, but I'm at the stage of "is she, or isn't she?"

We met up with friends who have two young children that we've gotten to know through the glass club. They have been through infertility treatments so they were really happy to hear our news. Trudi told me about a great book they had gotten called Hello Baby! by Lizzy Rockwell for their oldest to explain about their newest baby. She thought it would be really age appropriate for Julia so I need to look into that.

Julia was so cute at the hotel. She hopped into bed with us one morning, rubbed my belly and said, "Mamma, this baby is hungry! You better get up and feed it!" Where does she come up with those comments?

Baby gave me a terrific surprise on St. Patrick's Day at dinner. While at the table, I leaned forward and all of a sudden, I felt it. Three quick little taps in my lower abdomen! I was so surprised. I must have been 17 weeks with Julia before I felt any movement and here I was, just shy of 12 weeks and I felt it. There is absolutely no question in my mind because of the particular sensation and its position. It makes me wonder if I might have felt Julia's movements sooner if I had been more aware of what they felt like.

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